short guys stand up!

thats awesome. short guy can prolly sue that guy and win some $$

I guess we’re all going to ignore the fact that Paul Teutul Sr cameoed in the aftermath clip?

Also that guy should not own a gun.

Not misogynistic nor is it male toxicity but def a dbag. Kudos to the first guy for restraining himself - i didnt see a need to tackle the guy. It’s similar to your girl throwing slaps/punches at you.

It could be a stretch here but he does have a point. if a man says he doesnt like a girl bc of her weight it’s seen as unacceptable but almost all women screen based on height - the difference being usually you can change the former.

Yeah but he just pulled that rant out of midair and started screaming at everybody. Dude was comically short and tackling was definitely unnecessary, but I’m fine with the outcome. Should happen more often these days.

i’ve read a lot about when is it ok to get physical

  1. you basically have to wait for them to make the first move. sucker punch you’re getting sued.

  2. you can only do at most the same move as he did. push for push. punch for punch.

  3. you cannot goad them, you have to try to deescalate the situtation. just repeat i dont want to fight. plz back off.

  4. you can only do enough to incapacitate them. you cant crush them or do anything more afterwards.

  5. make sure its not documented that you were trained. cuz they can make an arguement that you used a weapon even if you just used your body.

When you have nothing to lose, you can do what you want but once you do, it’s best to stay clear or avoid, whatever means necessary. I’d rather buy a couple rounds and be cool about it then explain to the police why I shoved a glass into someone’s face.

If I kicked my roommate’s ass and nobody saw it, but I’ll lie to the police that he punched me first or even I didn’t do anything to him, will I still be in a trouble?

He said she said. They’ll look into your character. And mine is beyond contestation

Maybe… if you put “gay friendly” though, you have to be gay friendly, it’s the law

He has a point though. #doublestandards.

Wait are you honestly saying that women who judge men for their height is not considered an asshole? Because they are, but at least they are honest about it. Why can’t we all just be honest with what we feel.

nerdy get rid off those asterisks, hard to make a point when youre not using the actual words

I wonder how many people are just walking around the place a highly strung ball of rage ready to explode at random bystanders for no good reason and rant about some perceived slight.

The tackle was unnecessary though.

^There’s an easy solution - train or workout. No one leaves the gym ready to pounce and if you’re training martial arts the last thing you want to do after a hard session is to fight some more.

  1. Dont fight because its not worth it.

  2. If you know that its gonna escalate then slam the hard part of your forehead right into the bridge of their nose.

  3. Learn how to fight. BJJ or Muay Thai.

please teach how to fight. tanks


I pray I’ll never be forced to defend myself, but I keep this tutorial fresh as a reference.


In new york, these confrontations are also known as, monday afternoon at the bagel shop.