shorter error message - pass or fail?

i am getting shorter error message

WF_ERR_CUSTOM_1: There is not a Quote associated to Registration Id ‘11QNHTYN’( SBLBPR00131) is it pass or fail ?


I Think it is pass but is it enough for your peace of mind? I think cfa has now covered all bases and we all have to wait for 11 august.

Whatever message Vicky got, just pray you don’t have the same.



I have the longer message. But maybe size doesn’t matter.

I get the shorter message too. But I think this theory has already been disproved…

That being said…all the smart and confident people seem to be getting the longer message.

I didnt get any error msg. …i got the msg u already registered for cfa program.

jordan in the other thread said he got the leaked pass, and the shorter message. You are among the smart ones and you’ve got the shorter message. It might mean something else (size of the junk or something)

haha omg

guys to be honest, the glitch has caused a lot of anxiety not only to those who weren’t able to access the “preliminary” and “unconfirmed” results but also to myself who unknowingly accessed the result because someone in another thread asked what do you see if you check on the link.

i got a preliminary pass but i dont have any idea if the results are valid.

if i get a different result come August 11, it will create a lot of questions in my mind and make me doubt the validity of the official result. i mean it took them 8 weeks to determine the preliminary results and then all of a sudden after 2 weeks, the official result is different from the leaked ones? it will be like proposing to a girlfriend and geting a big YES and come wedding day she runs away. lol.

and to answer vicky’s question, i got a preliminary pass and a short error message.

size matters here guys…longer means pass

thanks man

Early congrats - knock on wood - that’s great! A little envious that I was too late to get a peak myself!

Jordan are you honestly asking us to believe that had you known the prelimary result was tere you would NOT have looked? - are you the sort of guy who if he finds a 20$ bill in the street would hand it in to the nearest policie station…

^ honestly i dont have any idea what it was. someone from another forum asked what do you see if you click the link. the description in the link says access L1 and L2 results and there is another bullet point without a link that says level 3 results will be available on August 11. knowing that i’m a level 3 candidate, it wouldn’t matter if i clicked on l1 and l2 results and so i clicked it and there was my what the f moment.

and to answer your question, yes i’m that type of guy who’s going to return $20billion to the nearest police station.

Sorry 20$ not 20 billion $ - the latter would be a headache since laundering that amount of cash is next to impossible.

^You’ll have to watch Richard Pryor’s “Brewster’s Millions”…

#BasedOnaTrueStory #ithink

jordanesque started studying 12 months ago. lets hope the jabroni passed.

I failed and have this message:

WF_ERR_CUSTOM_1: Quote Id ‘1-********’ associated to Person Id ‘*****’ and Registration ‘1——’ has not been submitted(SBL-**-*****)