Should I Change Jobs?

I’ve been driving for Uber for a while making about $35/hr. A recruiter recently contacted me to be the personal assistant for the CEO of a tech start up making $13/hr. It would be a massive pay cut, but I’m considering it just for the opportunity to rub elbows with some of the smartest minds. Should I make the switch?

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Is this even a srs post? $35ph uber driver vs $13ph PA. … And there is actually a recruiter who is calling up uber drivers for PA jobs?..

The real question is why aren’t you pursuing a career more in line with your academic / work (other than Uber??) experience?

Your profile states that you’re a Level I candidate so why do you want to be a personal assistant instead of pursuing other opportunities with a much clearer path to career growth?

Are you making $35/hr before or after operating costs? Either way, $35 sounds too high. If your after-tax hourly income from Uber is less (closer to $15), then it’s an easy-choice because the job will be $15 with 0 operating costs (besides taxes, which you’re paying now anyways), and hopefully you’ll get health insurance. With $15/hr, you’ll also probably qualify for medicaid. And you’ll have a proper job to put on your resume.

I drive Uber black and have a child’s seat, so I tend to command high fares. The real problem is that I want to take the real job, but I’m too shy.

FYI, I have an opening to be my personal assistant paying $13.5 per hour. The successful candidate should provide their own knee pads.

Oh man. ‘I’m too shy’…bwahahahahahaah!!! How old are you dude… like 12 yrs old?

uber black is profitable. heck even uber plus was really good. the utilization rate is an issue though. regular uber has higher utilization. are you consistently getting biz? what hours were u driving?

i used to have my dad drive my mercedes for uber plus a while back, but he decide to become a babysitter for my sista instead for about 18 bucks an hr.

does she use the funds from her 401k to pay your dad

You make your personal assistant garden?

Tell him that you earn much more now and would like to get more. btw, will be you be able to return to uber work if your personal assistant job will be bad?

You should do uber-eats… I hear they make a killing delivering food instead of people.

This account is doing well at the trolling

Ok, so I went to the interview and it turns out I misheard the number over the phone: it is $30 per hour, not $13. It seems that there are tons of perks if I can secure the position, like rides on the jet with the CEO, which is great because getting my commercial pilots license is also something I’m into, and also the CEO is hot as hell. I’d love to have as many “benefits” as possible ;). Should I expect any signing bonus? I heard they are common for new grads.

^ That escalated quickly

$30/hour is still low compared to $35/hr Uber job. You should stay in your driver career. Practice makes perfect (and higher salary) :smiley:

Ohai could buy 100 assistants with the daily semi-deviation of his portfolio.

Does anyone have any insight on signing bonus? What should I expect and what should I ask for? Serious answers only, thanks!

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