Should I do MBA again?


Its been 10 years since I completed my MBA in Finance but wasn’t able to get a job in Finance. I have always wanted to become a Research Analyst. So should I get another degree in Finance or do an executive MBA or something else. I am currently a Level 2 candidate. I still am looking for a job. During this 10-year duration I taught Math, wrote articles online, did two HR jobs just to fill in the gap on my Resume.

Thank you.

Why were you unable to find a job with an mba for 10 years?

self reflection mighty be needed here

Should easily be a firm NO, but might need some context here… did you do your MBA right after undergrad? Country?

Yes I did my MBA right after undergrad. Does it matter which country?

Unless you can get into a top ranked program, it’s unlikely to help you in this goal.

Then may be some other qualification would help?

What he said. If you get another MBA from a non-top school (assuming you didn’t get the 1st one from there), what would make the second MBA any different from the first one?

More than anything I think your work experience rules you out from ER.

It’s never impossible, but it will be an uphill battle. You’re in your mid 30s, have no finance experience, and from what you said, probably unprestigious academic degrees. You also have not communicated material information to your question, such as your location or the country where you got your other MBA. So, despite having had 10 years to think about this, it does not seem that you’ve researched or engaged others to get information on your goals. You also don’t have industry experience that will help in fundamental analysis of industries in any sector. In other words, you need a better plan than to get another degree.

Read Rich dad poor dad, You seem to lack direction, judging by the roles you’ve taken in 10 years.

Will you please help in devising a better plan? Or maybe a suggestion atleast?

I can’t think of a way where you can do it. Other people have spent 10 years or more to not be in this situation. Maybe there is another option, but it’s outside of my imagination.

Thanks Tactics…I’ll look into it.

Aren’t you the same poster that’s in the L2 forum saying you lacked enough discipline to stay on your study schedule and now you think you’re going to fail?

Here’s what I’ve been able to piece together - MBA from a non-target school resulted in 10 years of work that has done nothing to further your goal of working in finance. You’re struggling with L2 currently. And now you’re thinking about spending your time and money to go back to school, presumably at another non-target program?

Allow me to play the role of itera here and be very blunt…You’ll never work as a research analyst. Ever.

With my limited knowledge of girls logic, I think this message just adds fuel to her will of getting a second mba from unknown school

To be fair, there’s always a chance. I had a coworker who used to run a restaurant for almost a decade, somehow go into a top-ranked mba program and is a PE associate now. But yea another unknown school ain’t gonna do it but there’s always ways to craft a story to present yourself as a diversity candidate.

Based on the way she’s presented herself here, I stand by the 0% chance comment.

To OP,

Don’t be discouraged by the naysayers in this forum. There was someone with similar situation as you and they have shared their story, it may be worth a look. I have put the link below.

Highly recommend above link :+1:

Take back everything I said. The valuable info in the link changed everything. Tanks so much for the help.