Should I not show up

Right now scoring 70-75 on schweser, but getting 60-65 in the qbank practice exams broken down by section. Did the two CFA practice exams, got 60-65 as well.

Are you crazy!! Give it a go for sure.

Hahaha maybe just sleep deprived… I thought 70-75 was the theoretical pass range?

(I’m in London, it’s 630am, just pulled my second all nighter of the week)

I think you are in a good position right now GutShot, just keep it up these last two days and I think you will be in a good position to pass the exam… remember that most of us are also in the 65-75 range… (and thats supposed to be a passing range) just keep it up!!!

You should definitely show up! You have a good shot at passing, just keep grinding it out these next couple days.

If nothing else, it will be good practice. It’s not like you’re penalized for not showing up. I feel like I am gonna fail again. I am so incredibly tired from pulling all niters. Maybe it will all come togather once I get some sleep…

with these scores you must be crazy to think so… i have given up on any chances on passing this time…had a very busy schedule after I changed jobs…now scoring in the 30-40% range [no reading in last fortnight or so] but still dont want to loose the opportunity of gaining the experience and crack it in June’11 if i were you i would have pressed on…i am sure you have very high chance of passing All the Best to all L1 takers…

I score even lower, damn it! my strategy is, try to get about 55-58% correct, then put one answer for the rest, say the rest is 45%, i will get 33.33% of that on average. so 55% + .33x45% = almost 70% :smiley: (i will do that tmr to see how it works) I just really have been studying for the last 2 weeks. Sigh.

You should be kidding :slight_smile:

i’m serious, i dont have enough time for it, i did not even read the CFA institute’s books. Well, i just applied that to the 2010 mock afternoon section. I left 30 questions blank then put all “A” on that. It turned out 9 out 30 were correct, not too bad. I scored 63% for the afternoon section, lol, still need one more correct answer in each section. Oh, i forgot to mention, i got 30 minute left, so hopefully I can do better on the actual exam and hope that it wont be more difficult than the mock.

gutshot - i did not pass a single practice exam (scored in 40s and 50s) in the week prior to the exam. Exam day, I somehow nailed it and passed on first try. Absolutely take it. Best of luck.

Rad what was your study schedule for the last week and more importantly the last few days?

Took Tuesday - Friday off from work and studied about 10 hours each day. Tuesday/Wednesday: Took a mock in the morning, followed by notecards and some more studying in the afternoons. Took the last mock on Thursday night and still failed. Studied the main formulas on Friday to make sure I wasn’t making stupid calculation errors. Critical you pass ethics, so if you are doing poorly on that, make that a priority. Otherwise, try to nail down the stuff you are a little iffy on…don’t even worry too much about the stuff that you haven’t spent too much time on and/or just don’t get.

Why would you not even show up? Do you have something else to do that day?

Nah, just wasn’t sure given how little time left… I’ll give it a crack, thanks for the encouragement guys

It’ll be a good (albeit expensive) practice exam for the June exam, in case you won’t pass. Even those who score very low on the mock exams may benefit from taking the exam tomorrow (even from just taking half of it).

If you go and walk out half way through that is the dumbest thing i have ever heard. At least fail with pride, quiting does not get you anywhere.

Keep your heads up guys, dig deep, keep your cool and push through. Finding a way to detach yourself and focus on your work is key. Leave the scoring to the CFAi. Also, if you go and do by chance fail, just realize you may have helped your other AF comrades pass by factoring into the minimum passing score (MPS) equation. Anyhow, long story short, if you can score above 60 on practice tests, you have a good shot, hell even if you’re in the 50’s you’re close enough that you may get lucky. On exam day, try to remember that you can miss 30 in each session and still be a 75%. That helps keep the stress low so you don’t freak out over every question you don’t know.

Thanks for the encouragement Black Swan. That is the way to think about it. And if you can eliminate one of the answers your down to 50/50, odds dont get much better than that.