Should I start L2 now?

Hi all, I completed L1 in December. I dont know if i should start level 2 now, I dont want to cram like hell. Is it too late. Will have to wait for books to arrive too. Also, what does it look like to have failures on your record, do employers care, as I’ll probably fail if I do level 2 now I’d imagine. is it much harder then level 1, a lot harder material and more? Thanks,

Logic tells me it should be harder. The passing rate is the same as L1. But obviously L2 people in general should be better prepared (well, they passed L1) than L1’ers. So if the passing rate is the same, then L2 should be harder.

Im waiting for my books, am in Melbourne. When I get them I will start, so should be roughly 4 months, if I fail i’ll be better prepared next year. I also want to do the CAIA L1 this year so I think there will be a little overlap from CFA L2 study

Yeh im on melbourne too. maybe ill just chill out and go for level 2 in 2009. Im enroled in the CA (charetered accountant program) now am starting a unit this month. Dont know if I can be bothered with it. Would prefer CFA, but yeh as I said dont feel like cramming, with the high possibility of failure

So whats a failure going to look like on results, will employers care. Should I withdraw from CA and go for CFA level 2, how much study would I need to do from now until the june exam.

jsut do it, dont worry. people have not even start yet. … like me

sign up !!

You have to be kidding, you cant start now, its already toooo late. ps. i am registered for the june exams and i will be starting in the next couple of days. :slight_smile: What the hell, you migh as well, the bad thing is that its just 4 months left, the good thing is if you finish it it will be all over in 4 months.

It’s a perfect time to start (February 5), a bit tight, but it will definitely put you in a better position on the Danish job market in August. If you were to use, say, Schweser, the books would be on-line too. You could be watching the third seminar with Tim Smaby this upcoming week-end, through the archives.

Like others say, if money is not an issue, I would at least take the exam. It is an expensive practice exam, but even if you fail, you will have a good idea of what to expect in June 09.

I forgot one argument: you completed Level I in December, on the 2007 curriculum. The Level II curriculum starts off with Ethics, Quant and Economics. While Ethics will always be covered both in Level I and Level II, this year you’ll have the particular advantage of two distinct areas being moved from Level I to Level II: correlation and regression, on one hand, and ‘trading with the world’, on the other. You have thus already been working on the Level II curriculum while studying for the December exam, and are already underway! But, who knows what will happen to the the curriculum next year, they might swap in or out anything from those books.

maddane, I would suggest taking it this year while what you’ve learned is still fresh. Ethics and Economics are very similar to Level I. Worst case scenario, you will be better prepared for next year.

Well Im thinking worse case is I fail. Im just wondering how tahts going to look to employers. Secondly, Im gonna have to take a 2 week vacation, and head off round australia (probably to the great barrier reef) to show my swedish girlfriend a bit of this great big land before we return to denmark. So thats time I can’t study, I will decide over the next few days I guiess. So can ir ead all the schweser material online before it gets delivered?

Didn’t you say you had a Danish girlfriend? It’s deadly important that you don’t mix the two countries up with one another, that will not be regarded lightly I can assure you… As for downloading: maybe it goes with the package, but I have access to the books as PDF-files (albeit non-printable). If you have a laptop, you could download the files there. If you’re squeezing the time schedule, you might want to consider adding on the on-line course (it’s archived) and hence get access to the e-mail address to the teacher. The Danish (or Swedish for that matter) employers wont look at your failure of Level II since, obviously, in that case you naturally wont mention it during the interview. I’m sure you could study for two hours per day during those two weeks; that’s about what I manage while working full time + one day during the week-end.

Well, I think I procrastinated too long now. So will just undertake the Chartered Accountants unit I am going to do, as atleast that way I am diversifying and can get an accounting role if i cant find anything in banking and fiannce. By the way, I certainly am not getting sweden and denmark mixed up, hey I lived in denmark for over a year. My girlfriend is actually swedish but studies in denmark, as many swedes do. I just said earlier she was danish as its much easier to explain that way. But either way I will be hoping to find employment in denmark.

I did the Level 1 in 4 months so why not Level 2? So far (I’m 3/4 through econ) I have found a lot of repetition anyways so you can breeze through those parts in my opinion.

Jeks thats right, I started last night and have exactly the same number of days till exam as i did when I started level 1 study

Didnt they teach you this in the text books : Level 1 not= level 2

have a fuc#in look around man, plenty of people passed in 4 months.

apparently there alot of the econ from level 1 is in level 2 and the ethics is more or less the same with the exception of soft dollars and prudent man. So that knocks out some of the stuff you will have to study.