sick and at work! Started sunday Night. Huzzah!

so coworker came sick to work on friday. got me and the boss infected. anyways. idid not feel sick until sunday 5pm. but now im sick. and my boss is heavily sick on monday. glad it skipped the weekend. now for a relaxing week. :).

Always best to be sick M-F.

I just started coughing 20 minutes ago and can’t stop. I’m fairly certain I’ve contracted Consumption.

Go home! Don’t get everyone else sick you inconsiderate fk!

Wait… people actually use sick days for colds?

^ yeah, weakness. my rule is vomiting, violent D or profuse sweating and chills are required to take a day off.


Just drink liquids throughout the day. No need to stay home for a cold

Yes, because my clients would love for me to walk into their office coughing and sneezing.

That’s different. If you are exposed to many people, then sure. But if you spend all day at your desk, just tough it out

I will often request a telecommute day (if I’m not already telecommuting) if I suspect I am contagious. Otherwise, the key is whether sleep is required to beat the thing and/or whether I am presentable to whomever might be present.


Yeah, in all seriousness, it’s frowned upon to come to work even if you “only” have a cold. A real cold is highly contagious and generally disgusting to be around. I really don’t want to work with someone that’s can hardly talk becuase they’re so stopped up, sneeze all the time, and cough like they’ve been smoking for 50 years.

Just go home. If you’re that important, you’re company has outfitted you to be able to work from home.

^^ very true.

I hate the whole “toughing through it” idea behind a cold. Staying home is about everyone else, not you. Work from home is possible, if not dont worry your reduction is productivity is worth saving everyone on the team from getting sick and further reducing productivity.

Maybe I just don’t get sick that often. Him saying he was going to have a nice “relaxing week” gave me the impression that he was like… not all that sick.

Idk. I’m a man. I drink motor oil instead of coffee and my dad can beat up all your dads.

lolol yea i hear you. I typically get sick once a year. You can usually feel it coming on so I typically try and work from home that day. But i missed his relaxing week quote, it may well be a *cough cough* im sick *cough cough* type thing

modern science allows you to function such that you don’t cough and sneeze that much at work and therefore don’t have a high probability of sickening others. you just feel like $hit and you’re constantly fighting the sandman. i hate staying at home. just leaves me a day behind and i don’t like being out of touch with the market.

its called a sick day use it

^Sudafed is a hell of a drug. Works great and the same qualities that makes it great for making meth also make it a great performance enhancing drug at the office.

Too bad buying Sudafed is such a pain in the ass. It’s easier to get quaaludes these days.

People get sick days? Who covers your work?!