Sign on bonus

So I start my new position on Monday coming up but things got a little heated and tense today with a call I had with the recruiter. Basically, the sign on bonus agreement states I must not terminate my employment willfully or be fired for “cause” within the first 12 months of employment or I will need to make repayment back in full. All that is standard or whatever, but the part of contention came within the payback period if that does occur. They are putting in the document that it is to be paid in full within 30 days or they can essentially sue me.

Is this a common length of payback period? Kind of seems just like more BS. Wouldn’t a period of several months be more reasonable?Already starting to loathe this job before I even start.

I think mine was like that, 1 year.

OP: didn’t you say in the other thread the waiting period was 120 days? Now it’s one year.

Just pay them back the $5 if you quit. No big deal.

I think it was $15k.

Just put the $15k in XRP until you land the next gig. You’ll probably be a millionaire by the end of the year anyway.

Yeah they changed multiple terms of it. It’s 10k. after tax like 7500 I think. But the only thing is, and I see what you are saying but I do not have 7500 in cash currently. I am fully invested. Hedged but not in cash at all.

Have any of you negotiated a new employer pay back your sign on bonus on your behalf? I ask, however, probably know the answer is no. Maybe not though depending on how much you are valued by a new firm?

It’s just the 30 day payback period that is required. This is my first time receiving a sign on so definitely new to it.

Pretty sure my current and past ones were 30 day payback as well.

Keep the $7500 in cash for a year if you’re worried about paying it back.

That is not what a BSD would do. Just roll it over into the next $15K signing bonus?

You aren’t serious, but what’s actually insane is the high probability of there being another massive run in cryptocurrency. Planning accordingly.


This seems standard to me. And yes employers will cover bonuses sometimes, but not sure about this situation where you are exhibiting behaviors that are negatives to an employer (jumping around a lot)

i was at my last employer before this one for 3 years so that’s hardly “jumping around”. And honestly as was discussed in the other thread, although I don’t really “need” to work right now, I haven’t been employed since February so taking this job and finding something I really want in a few months isn’t a bad idea I don’t think.

Ive been consulting part time for my friends Hong Kong based blockchain company since I left my full time job so I probably won’t even list this accounting job I’m taking on my resume.

Why do you want to already switch when it’s the most money you’ve ever made?

Was it necessary to create a new thread? Your other one was already the top thread and this is exactly on topic.

Not the kind of move I’d expect from someone that deserves a signing bonus.

I went through a similar negotiation with a non-compete clause. During my negotiations HR’s favorite comment was this is all standard, boiler plate, blah blah, but essentially tried to include a non-compete for 1 year for voluntary departure & termination by cause. I was very surprised to hear that most people just accepted the verbiage at will bc (not sure if this is entirely certain) she mentioned she has never had to discuss such topics. Nonetheless, I was able to use recent legislation in my state, specifically garden leave statues, to remove the lines all together.

I’m telling you this because its time folks start to demand more, not just with pay but regarding everything. The lack of backbone among my competitors has lead to companies having all the leverage. Before i start to unionize this entire field i think its best to first start with collective bargaining increases.

Fight for what you want, man. These firms dont give a shit about you, never forget that.

they’ll probably ask you to pay the full $10k back, brah - keep that in mind. They’ll say you can go chase the $2500 tax witholding from the IRS when you file your tax return later. Whatcha gonna do

Does anyone actually say “sign on” bonus? I’ve always heard “signing” bonus. Like Patrick Mahomes is going to get a $70 million signing bonus after his rookie contract is up.

I was tinking the same ting. Pleas advise. Tank

id laugh and say, see ya in court here’s my lawyers number. He’s good.