Sitting all day = back pain! Ideas?

This can’t be a novel problem. Most everyone here probably sits for extended periods of time every day. For me, it causes back pain, especially with the crappy chair I sit on for hours straight. It sucks sooo bad. Probably 70% of the problem is the chair as I sat for even longer periods of time during my internship this summer (they had fantastic ergonomic chairs) and had minimal pain.

I’m a broke college kid, what can I do to fix this? What’s worked for you guys? Standing and studying doesn’t work out all that well…

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workout your core. maybe add some kegels.

HAHAHAH. I’m sure Kegels will do it! Thanks man!

Yeah, it’s all about the core. I threw out my lower back shortly after I moved a couple years ago. After all the boxes and furniture it was just bending down to tie my shoes that finally got me. Back pain sucks.

Anyway, while I’m always a huge proponent of vicodin it’s not a long-term solution. Google “core workout” and you’ll get plenty of results. Men’s Health has a few good ones. Do them four or five times a week for a month. After that you should be able to go down to 1-2 times a week and be fine. Haven’t had back problems since.

What are you sleeping on? I am a huge fan of memory foam beds. I bought one and I can’t sleep on traditional mattresses anymore.

Strong core is also key.

A nice office chair is nice (I have a aeron) but I doubt your chair is causing lower back pain.

Do some superman’s (google it) these make my back feel like a million bucks. Streghtening your core its really the key, I used to have constanst lower back aches until I started working my core.

Also, get a firm mattress. Dont get a temperpedic or whatever Blake recommended… banging chicks on those is impossible because they absorb your bodyweight, its like running on the beach- PITA.

Planks are good too. Even just stretching your hamstrings - you know, the hurdler stretch - can be good for your back.

In yoga terms, you could also do the cat or the child’s pose. Lots of yoga positions for that.

My back has become curved. The muscles on one side of my back are really tense, and the other side is weak. It’s not scoliosis, but an odd muscle problem.

I need to figure out how to strengthen all these muscles.

strengthen core is a must

I’ve specifically had lower back pain in the past from hamstrings being tight

Bikram is helpful in general, but a bit time consuming and not ideal for a poor college student

Check your posture, don’t slouch or overly hunch

Lastly, stop sitting in your shitty chair. I just went on Craigslist and got a pretty nice ergonomic mesh chair for $50 (retail $200ish)

There is also a superman sex position, which you can look up but advisably not at work. Apparently there is a male Japanese pornstar who is famous for this.

Agree with others on core strengthening. I had a couple herniating discs in my back for which I had to receive epidural injections a few years ago. It had to do with sports-related injuries that were exacerbated by sitting in a desk all day.

The key to my getting better quickly was pilates and yoga. Yoga is way harder than it looks, especially hot yoga, but think about it this way – you get to spend an hour getting a great workout, your back will feel much better within a few weeks, and you’ll likely be surrounded by bangnin’ hot women wearing their favorite Lululemon attire.

May also want to use a foam roller, like this:

It really works wonders for loosening the muscle up, getting some blood flowing to the muscle and working out any knots.

^ Agreed on the foam roller. It’s also great for stretching out tight muscles in your hamstrings, quads, calves, etc.

brain_wash_your_face, wanted to follow up with you about my buy-side related questions on another thread. Would you be able to drop me an email at sometime? Feel free to write me from an anonymous username if you prefer. Thanks a lot.

I have to agree with all the info above - I herniated a disc squatting / rolling. I was able to recovery fully by incorporating different core exercises (i.e birddog / supermman as opposed to the traditional exercises). Addtionally, I found foam rolling very helpful too

Foam rollers are wicked for stretching out the pain when it happens, and I completely agree with whoever mentioned the firm bed. I subletted an apartment for my last semester of school and the bed there was super soft (pillow top and all that) - my back was killing me the whole time. When I moved out I managed to get my parents to give me my old bed which is pretty much as firm as a plank of wood with a rug on top of it. No back pain at all since then.

Sure Numi, will do. I like to remain anonymous on this board since if people know who I am then my firm would have issues with me posting investment related opinions as it could be contrued as advice from the firm.

You got a long way to go little pup. I see you’re a L1 candidate. Get your back right early or you’ll have big problems later down the road. Here is my advice.

  1. Yoga

  2. Get a new bed

  3. Try accupuncture

  4. Clense your filthy colon!

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