Sleep disorders due to CFA

My sleep pattern is completely f’d. I go to sleep at 4am and wake up at 10-11am, by the time I get rolling on studies its passed noon or 1pm…The worst part is I am a morning studier not a night owl, so I am so inefficient with my time, when I wake up so late. Also scared of how this will impact me the day of exam if I cannot get back to normal sleeping habit. Anyone else experiencing issues with sleeping due to stress of this damn thing…?

When do you have to be in at work?

I am not working right now…I have these last 3 (well two now) off…so I thought I will be able to dedicate myself to CFA but so far this past week has been extremely ineficient and wasted more or less

lucky guy, i finished working at 9pm last night.

Yeah man… I feel the same way… I sleep at 2-3 and wake up at around 9… but the time I hit the library its 11… then i study from 11 till 6 at the library… I get home and chill for a couple of hours… then around 8:30 I start again… end at around midnight… then come here and do all these random questions… I gotta fix my routine… and I’m always feeling so damn stressed!!! Haha

How about adding a light work out regiment? Helps me refocus and get into study mode after a long day’s work.

ye, a little work out helps me as well…

exactly. try to break it up. one always sets to high demands on oneself. like today, i will do everything in corporate finance or something like that and in effect do a fraction of that amount. then spend the rest of the time beating oneself up. eat some healthy food, do some exercise and try to achieve rather than beat yourself up on missing targets. sleep when tired, so if that means a sleep through the day, we all get that feeling when reading something we are not ompletely engaged on, and you’ll feel better… hope that works…

there is no good reason why you should be up until 4am, especially if you have the whole day to study. If I were you, I’d break the day into 2 4hr parts, and study from 8am - 12, break for an hour, then 1 to 5, then be done for the day and be in bed by 10. I agree, you’ll be exhausted in exam day unless you break this.

I need a Delorean with a flux capacitor! Sleep is too important to miss… Anyone else plan to write off the last day before the exam to sleep in and go to the gym?

No studying on Friday 6th here…

Damn that’s a crappy sleep schedule. I thought mine was bad getting up 3-4 times a night for a baby but I’ll take my night’s sleep any day over yours. That sounds like the sleep schedule of a 18 year old freshman frat member getting hazed. I’d try and start going to bed early at least in preperation for getting up early and being sharp for June 7th, maybe try some melatonin.

2 hours in the morning at work (5-7) then another couple at night at work (5-7) before I call it a night. Studying at home with wife and kids is a non-starter. I only started this schedule the last week or so. Before that it was 1 hour in the morning and another hour or two at night. I usually wake up around 4 without the alarm and figure I may as well get up and get some studying done.

Sleep like a Baby…up every 3 hours Screaming, Crying and S***ing my self

Didn’t sleep last night and it is almost 10 AM here…the question is whether to 1. try to mold the sleep schedule to a normal time for the exam or 2. try to make 9 AM equivalent to “after dinner time”

take some camomile before you go to sleep. It will help you relax.

honestly, is it worth it? i sleep every night without any problems and never wake up

i am surprisingly relaxed. and i cant seem to pass a practice exam.

The other day I went shopping at Dominic and they have a machine setup in the store to measure your blood pressure. My reading came out to be about 150/80, which puts me in the “stage II hypertension” category. Lucky me…

storko, i’m with you. Sleeping like a baby, I think I may be delusional.