Slowly running out of steam......

With two weeks to go, i am so underdone its kind of discouraging. How are you guys going with the study? I will be taking time off work next week to info dump as much as i can, but I am running out of motivation and energy. Its actually making me alittle depressed… What motivation tools are do you use to keep going? any advise appreciated!

just that a lot of people feel like that (including me) and i am sure some of them will pass

It definitely feels like running a race. Don’t give up, you are almost there!

To reach 70%, if you are 100% sure of 60% of the material, the other 40% will be expected to get you 10% from random guessing. So just do the best you can!

i know how you feel, my motivation levels seem to be dipping hard… goto youtube and search for CFA, and watch the short advertisement… that tends to pick me up a bit =)

when i’m not feeling too motivated, i take 5 min and read through some of the Level III posts. it keeps me going when i read about people who are excited b/c they passed III and start talking about the type of frame they will use to put their charter in. that keeps my eye on the ball - and it’s a long process to get there.

Think about having to study ALL of that information again if you don’t pass and having to pay for registration/study materials TWICE.

that’s what def keeps me going. just the thought of having to go through this again. time/money/rereading the material/sacrifice of social life just makes me work harder!

you know what gets my blood pumping? Oddly enough, its looking at the posts near and around the June L1 exam. Yea, I know, I’m weird…but it gets me going!

This is coming from an L3 candidate, so I’ve been where you all are. You are so close to this thing, it would be a shame to collapse now. Yes, you’re tired and weary, yes your co-workers, friends, and significant others are upset because you’ve been a vegetable the last few months, yes you’re sick of reading the same material over and over. But do you really want to relax and take a chance at failing and making all of the hard work you’ve put in over the past few months all for naught? Think how upset you’d be if you found out that, after taking it easy the last few weeks, you ended up failing the exam. You’d just look back and think you blew it. You’ve got it in your sights. Put in a few more hard weeks to drive home those last few points. Who knows, the material you learn today might be on the question that pushes you over the passing threshold.

when my motivation is dipping, i just think on the low pass rates (30%+) and say to myself, you cannot be within that group…

Okay, I have been living like a hermit, completely isolated for the past month! I feel depressed now. But I keep going like a robot - numb. When my coworkers/colleages/friends saw me study like nut ( these are all economics, public policies ppl with advanced degree). They commented, " I heard CFA is not hard at all. Anyone I know passed it." Some flipped through the math and econ sections and were totally shocked how easy it is, like I am dumb to even study. It pissed me off to hear that. What do they know about it?

Theres a big difference between looking at “some” of the material, remembering it from college or something, and saying wow thats easy to do…and actually doing it.

I have a friends that are also finance majors and thought the material looked easy. One of them looked at the econ material and said “this would be no problem for me, I minored in econ.” What do I say to these people that think you don’t need to study because it’s easy? I tell them I will pay for them to sign up and take the exam. They can’t study at all. If they pass, I give them an additional $1000 cash. If they don’t pass, they have to refund me the exam fees and give me an extra $1000 cash. No one has taken me up on this offer.

Such motivating posts… thank you guys.

I double majored in Finance and Econ… and still think this exam is going to be hard…Like others have said… its different when your actually doing the problems, not just looking at the problems… There is a reason why the CFA charter is so respected…

I usually tell them that I don’t care what someone who’s never taken the exam thinks what it might be like to actually be under the gun for months on end. That or completely disregard what they’re saying. I don’t have any particular desire to waste precious time and energy explaining to the world what a grueling experience getting this charter is.

i graduated with a BS in international finance this year. i definitely profited from the fact, that i had some “experience” even though i have to admit that i still had to learn a lot from the beginning and commit it to memory. but people saying: we pass because we we studied that ONCE is wrong.

2 songs that pump me up before any major exam: hit’em up - tupac eye of the tiger- rocky

I keep listening to this song…