Small Talk when meeting with high level execs

what would be some interesting small talk/questions to ask besides, “How about that weather” or “How was your weekend”. Setting: Final interview with final decision makers


i would transition from weather to golf to drinking.


A good chat/smalltalk subject is past sexual experiences, and if you have none, then default to porn. Often try porn first then transition to past sexual experiences (if you have them). Obviously, if the exec is a chick then lay off the really kinky stuff.

I completely disagree. If you have none, who better to give you advice on how to get some than the guy with two mistresses and a big Benz?

I would talk about hobbies, assuming you guys have hobbies besides living in your parent’s basement begging for MBA change. Willy

NakedPuts Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > politics Brave

How about off topic stuff but related to the role your being interviewed for? i.e “Your thoughts on the most important skills to be successful in this role” or “day in the life” etc. I listened to a lecture of hers. She really does have good advice to give.

I usually ask them if they’ve ever had crabs before, then just ride the conversation from that point.

Mehdi, Awesome link, thanks alot for that.

I ask, “Have you ever been in jail?” Things flow nicely from there.

politics and religion are always safe bets

and money

the war on tear

I think that talking about politics in the office is a no, no. What happens if he’s a republican and you are against the war (Democrat)? What happens if you are for Obama and your boss is in favor of Hillary Clinton. Talking about sex? The HR in my company explicitly gave a presentation on Sexual Harrassment. (Wall street has been sued by women for sexual harrassment).

talk about sexual harrassment: the last time it happened to you, the last time you did it to somebody else, how much you have to endure to get to the top, etc.

^^ Good idea, Tell them how you beat each harassment suit and discuss strategy

I’ll bet if some job candidate asked me about jail or sexual harassment suits, I would surprise them…