Do any of you BSDs smoke? What’s the general view on it?

I grew up with a parent who smoked, about half of my school friends smoked and most of my university friends smoked (including 2 out of 3 housemates) but there are probably about 2 people I know now that smoke so whenever anyone sparks up in my vicinity it makes me want to stub it out on their forehead.

I smoked for ten years. Pack a day.

Haven’t smoked in ten years.

^ how was quitting? Did you try for years unsuccessfully or did you just stop one day?

I don’t smoke. Waste of money and time and makes you smell bad.

Like most smokers, I wanted to quit, but didn’t really want to put a lot of effort into it, and didn’t like the discomfort of quitting.

Once I finally made up my mind and decided that “this is it”, I was able to do it on my first “real” try.

I don’t smoke, and seeing elderly relative die slowly of lung cancer was a strong motivation to continue not doing so.



I have 4oz espresso and 1/2 cigarette when I get up.

I don’t smoke all day. When I get home, i’ll have another 1/2 cigarette. I smoke more on the weekends or when I’m drinking. I’ll probably quit. It hasn’t affected me athletically, but I really need to fine tune to hit 5min next year in the mile hopefully.

When I smoked, I was a real smoker. I was addicted. Couldn’t go more than a couple of hours without a cigarette.

Why anybody would just “casually smoke” or “smoke on the weekends” is beyond me.

It’s not pot. It doesn’t make you feel better. It doesn’t alter your state of mind. You don’t get high off tobacco. So why do it if you’re not hooked?

Sometimes I contemplate life and have a cigarette, but i’m not ever jonesing for one.

I like nicotine.

Tried a cigarette to two when I was younger, but they did nothing for me. Was very happy when indoor smoking got banned just about everywhere around here.

I am not a regular drinker or smoker but when drinking I usually smoke cause it acts like a turbo for the alcohol wagon. I guess your nicotine tolerance became so high that you forgot how good it is in the beginning

I’ve never really understood the appeal of it. do people just start because they’re young and everyone else is doing it?

Surely in the UK and USA it’s going to die out completely at some point.

I dated a girl in NYC who used to walk outside the apt to smoke on the stoop. She would always want me to come sit with her, so I did, then kind of got into it a little bit.

I watch a lot of older films (60s, 70s, 80s) with my 16YO daughter. When you do, you realize how ubiquitous smoking was back then. Even better, watch a Mad Men episode -everybody smokes (or has 2 martinis for lunch).

Now if you want to use a movie shorthand for “this is a bad guy”, just have them smoke.

420 friendly. no ciggs.

or Mel Gibson, Payback Image result for payback mel gibson smoking

same, but vaping and edibles are the healthiest, if you cant do that, filter with water (bubbler)

Basically, people smoke a few to emulate TV cowboys or their friends. Then they get addicted and cannot stop.