I consider myself a cigar aficionado. I’m not addicted to them and can quit at any moment. I just enjoy the different flavors, especially when paired with a nice scotch, coffee, or wine. I’ll smoke one cigar every 1-2 weeks.

^ Cigars don’t do anything for me either, except give me a headache and leave a s hi tty taste in my mouth.

I actually enjoy a cigarette every now and then. I smoked in college but never became addicted to tobacco but rather addicted to having a ritual.

This is exactly what happened to me.

My father smoked before, 1 pack (sometimes 1.5 pack) a day. But after having a surgery on stomach, he stopped smoking just because his body didn’t need nicotine anymore (until now, he doesn’t know why).

I don’t smoke, waste of money and bad for health.

Cigars on the golf course or poker table but its infrequent and I don’t inhale so not really an issue. Used to dip back in college to push through long study sessions. That became a bad habit that was hard to kick as well.

You’re right!! We should tell the surgeon general.

So you don’t do anything bad for your health? Your diet is perfect and never eat fried food, french fries, bacon cheeseburgers or anything? We are responsible for the choices we make. I am completely ok with that.

both parents smoked then stopped. brother a heavy smoker.

i smoked casually while drinking or playing pool in high school and university. started to make me feel sick as i got older though. i don’t know how most people can stand that smell in their face all day long without being hammered.

Apples and oranges, bro. Fried Oreos and Bacon Cheeseburgers taste good. Maybe expensive, maybe bad for me, but at least I get some enjoyment out of them.

Cigarettes taste like crap. Why would I choose to do something that’s bad for me, expensive, and I get no enjoyment from it?

Yes, we each choose our guilty pleasures.

Even apples and oranges can be bad for you. One time I was addicted to oranges and I ate so many there was a poop monsoon that took me to the hospital :-1:

I know what you mean, man. I just ate an entire watermelon all by myself a couple days ago. Not a little bitty, seedless, personal watermelon. I mean a big ol’ yeller meat watermelon.

Had the watermelon farts for two days now.

The correct answer to “do you smoke?” is “smoke what?”

Then you know you’re dealing with someone that parties.

smoke foos. could be malibus most wanted.

If you are destined to die from cancer, you will die of brain cancer if you avoid lung cancer.

Btw, quit everything so far but still smoking 2 pockets of cigarettes per day.

you smoke 2 packs a day?

yeah, maybe you are destined to die of lung cancer :).

Yep, precisely 30-40 cigarettes. When I study and stay awake all night, about 40. If I go sleep earlier, about just 30.

what kind …Marlboro Red 120s? …lol

Last decade Marlboro Light. Before that I was on Camel but had started cough a lot.