So how much do you spend on cigarettes per year?

About 30 EUR per week. Thus 30 EUR x 52 = 1.560 EUR per year. There are related additional expenses as fine gas ampoules for St Dupont lighter.

^ Wow, cigarettes are cheap there.

Nothing to be proud about but it’s a national sport here.

^ you’re Croatian aren’t you?

It’s pretty much obligatory to smoke there. Beautiful country though

Now, it’s about 30 % of population are smokers, maybe a bit less. A decade or two ago, I mean even half of population were smokers. Now anti-smoking trend is getting higher even here. Along with cigarettes there is a coffee break that we take for hours.

I think smoking feels great, but i did a great deal of research, and there is no such thing as safe cigarette, even once a year. Every time you inhale tar your lung cells go through DNA modifications. Even single modification can cause cell to eventually become cancerous although chances are very small.

My friends say they cant take a ss hi t if they dont smoke a cig and have a coffee in the morning. Wth

I only smoke when im hammered, gives a nice little kick then. Whats the deal with how expensive it is over here and why cant you buy singles?

he clearly said he smokes 2 pockets of cigarettes a day. in croatia you buy cigarettes by the pocketful. just walk into a bodega, hand over a bag of coins, and fills your pockets. personally, as a non-smoker, i prefer to drink 2 bladders of spirits each day.

Uhh, you can buy singles. They’re called loosies and you get them from the a-rab at the corner store.

Singles are also $1 off of a random person on the street in NYC

^ really? My mates back home used to ask people on the street to buy one and they’d just give them one instead.

fun fact: in Scotland the phrase you would use to ask a stranger if you could have one of their cigarettes is 'Hey mate, can I bum a fa g?"

$1 is a courtesy usually when guy asks a guy in my experience if I ask a girl or if she asks me, yeah, prob free but yeah, sometimes guys in suits will refuse a dollar if they are in a group of suits or something, so as not to look cheap but cigs are $15 in NYC, so it adds up and $1 is about right

Lol, I line my pockets wth rubber so I can steal vodka.