Snyder's finally giving in....

Speaking of changing names, it looks like Dan Snyder’s finally giving in. He’s going to change the name of the Washington Redskins.


It’s about time. I always found it odd that a league trying to promote diversity (Rooney Rule) and racial sensitivity (15 yard penalty for using the n-word) and all that other feel good stuff would keep such a racist team name out of “tradition”.

Eh. Who are we kidding? They kept the name because football fans don’t care about Indians. How long would the name have remained if it was the Washington “Black Faces” or something like that? Other “diversity” initatives also pretty much target specific kinds of minorities that are important for politics or revenues.

^ Only color that matters is green.

I say change it to Washington 'Mericans, serve bowls of mac and cheese, bacon, and fried everything at the game, trolololololo…

He’s just changing to “Redskins”.

He felt that having “Washington” in front was too embarassing.

This should put some pressure on the Blackhawks now.

^ Why? Is BlackHawk an offensive term? I thought it was identfying the tribe, not a stereotype about the tribe…

you are right. They have the best uniforms in the league too. Can’t lose those


This is a video they’re going to play tonight during the NBA finals.

So…Congress is signing petitions asking the Redskins to change their name.

Their trademark has been taken away, because it’s “offensive”.

The FCC is debating whether the use of the term “Redskin” is an offensive term.

Now a federal senator has held the NFL hostage, saying that she will try to strip the NFL of its tax-protected status if the Redskins don’t change their name.

My .02 - If I were Dan Snyder, I’d probably give in. At some point, the battle’s just not worth fighting anymore. And in a few years, nobody’s going to notice or care. (Anybody remember the New York Titans or Dallas Texans?)

I think it’s pretty disturbing how quickly the modern liberal ethic changes. Few cared about decades-old “Redskins” name until recently. Now all of a sudden the Federal Government is using its vast powers of force out of nowhere for something so trivial and well-established?

I’m concerned about how far this nonsense will eventually go.

^ woah woah, the NFL is exempt from paying tax?

Jesus, Goodell is shady as fuck.

While I don’t agree that the issue is trivial, I do generally agree with Inky’s concern of how involved the gov’t is getting in a private business. Not to mention how ineffective this Congress has been in dealing with major national issues that, no offense to Native Americans, should trump this in the hierarchy of importance.

The franchises are fully taxed. It’s not really that shady. NHL and PGA are also tax-exempt. MLB used to be. Every ticket sold, merch sold, sponsorships, TV deals, basically everyting is taxed. It hit the media due to political grandstanding class warfare.

In terms of the Redskins name, why would they keep the name in DC of all places?! There are so many obvious better names that would be way more fun to dress up as, ex: The Presidents, The Politicians, The Monuments, The Americans, The Washingtons, The Presidential Seals, The Revolutionaries, The (football) Yankees, etc.

The NFL is a 501 c 6 non-profit corporation. It doesn’t make a profit and it doesn’t pay tax.

The individual franchises are for-profit entities that do pay tax.

edit - BVG and Brain posted while I was typing

-The Presidents - Offensive because 42.5 of the 43 Presidents have been white.

-The Politicians - Offensive to everyone.

-The Monuments - Offensive because it’s representative of capitalism’s relentless attack on the environment

-The Americans - Offensive because it’s insensitive to undocumented immigrants.

-The Washingtons - Offensive because George Washington owned slaves.

-The Presidential Seals - Offensive because the eagle carries arrows which represent war, including war against Native Americans.

-The Revolutionaries - Offensive because those Dead White Men were racists.

-The Yankees - Offensive because “Yankee” was a bigoted term used by the British to describe those in the New World.

I meant this as the animal though. Surely this little guy can’t be offensive:

Haha… Uhhhhh… Exploitation of animals.