So any of the unemployed CFAs have recent luck?

Seeing what success stories there have been in this brutal market… Or have you still had no luck?

Given the elapsed time since the topic was posted, I guess the answer is no caerá esa breva.

either that or there are currently no unemployed cfas.

If you had recent luck please share… Everything has been leading to a dead end…

I have a job but would consider myself underemployed at this point, been doing a lot of passive job searching with some bites but no sign of the ideal opportunity yet. Not sure if that even exists on the buyside anymore except for very few exceptions.

i’m CFA and it’s the 2nd wednesday of the month so yes I will be getting lucky tonight.

for you CFAs, is the main issue caused because you’re overqualified? Are entry level jobs doing much better than higher level opportunities?

No, the main issue is that there are so many highly qualified people looking for jobs that it doesn’t matter. Like I have a good friend who’s a headhunter, he showed me some resumes of people with similar work experience to me, he pulled up easily a dozen names, most of whom have some combination of CFA/FRM/CAIA, Ivy League MBA, Ivy League undergrad, management experience, etc. and all of them looking for the same type of job I am.

I got a job offer in engineering after 12 months of looking. Absolutely no finance jobs to be found for me right now. Having your CFA means nothing right now in terms of finding a job.

I have been looking for everything from unpaid internships (to continue to stay fresh) to regular positions with no luck… You would think it would be easy to get an unpaid position but not the case!!

Why has it been difficult for you?! I plan on looking for related unpaid internships, too. I did one at a hedge fund some time ago (but I got it through a job fair).

Because everyone else is looking for the same. I have a CFA & CPA and getting even a response from an application is very hard…

yankees98a Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > Because everyone else is looking for the same. I > have a CFA & CPA and getting even a response from > an application is very hard… this is unbelieveable. why dont you work as an accountant? i have seen various valuation type jobs at pwC for example.

Many of our PM’s have the CFA and CPA combo … what type of work are you looking for yankees?

I have been looking at assistant/associate PM, valuations, associate… Jobs that involve doing grunt work but with a chance to move up. I also offered two places to work for free to get experience… So far nada on everything

They don’t need free labor?

Not only that. I have a bunch of contacts at different banks. I keep on getting replies saying they can’t help me out since their time left is short… It’s just not saying that as one or two people… shall we have email that now bounces back… Hell, 10 apts residents move out of my building a month not to be replaced… and a bunch of cleaners now have 25% off all the time. One even advertised free suit cleanings if you are unemployed…

Dude where do you live? I know things are bad but not as bad as you are saying.

NYC - Midtown… Speaking of recent graduates -Went to the diner this week. The cashier is a college graduate who had 3 internships and still can’t find a job. My next door neighbor back home graduated in Finance and is also jobless.

NYC is that bad for finance or is it just your circle? I’d be thinking that it would be less worse off.