So frustrated with waiting!

I can’t bear this wait anymore, going to pharmacist to ask for pills that will give me some good sleep for 12 days, and then I’ll wake up August 12 morning and realize, oh, today is the results day… the wait is just too much and horrible, and if you get a Fail, it gets even worse…no wonder why I see so many posts here of people thinking they did good at exam and with time they forget how it went and when they see band 9 10, they just give up…

So true I’m getting too worried day by day and the wait is an agony

the pain doubles when I see level 2 guys cheering for their results

Try not to think about it. The world will not end for you if you don’t pass this time. You did your best, the result will be whatever it will be. Enjoy the summer.

you are right but there are lot more things to do and goals to achieve in life than just staying lost in books the whole year,. if I don’t pass, I will have another dedicated study year and won’t be able to find a better job or do anything worth having in life with full concentration. I am a kind of person who sticks to one purpose at a time and has a hard time at multi tasking :-/

hoping i pass to get some happiness for 1-2 days in otherwise depressed life


I think the point here is that we all made it past the hump of level 2. We are all going to get the charter eventually. Whether it’s this year or next year. Nothing to be upset about.

Better to wake up after the results day, don’t you think?

nahh…want to feel that excitement of refreshing inbox again and again waiting for the email

still there is huge time commitment plus im experiencing a bad burnout from studying for these exams…I believe most of level 3 people are on the same line

Those horrible hours! Always feels like being marched down the gallows - the minutes are slow, your fate is sealed, but you keep a silent prayer to whatever gods may be…they are not listening!

thats the adventure a steep mountain climber cannot experience but we do…

I like your avator. haha

^lol… you can guess my luck with girls from this

A lot of things in life are not working out for me and a good result would be a real shot in the arm. But true, the world won’t end and life would go on regardless. So, I’m just preparing myself to accept whatever the result may be.

If you could afford to sleep for 12 days, I don’t think you need the charter in any case. Find something useful to do with skills from studying. You studied to gain analytical skills not 3 letters, use the skills and start having real life problems!

I thought earlier that passing the 3 exams will be a ticket to my dream job, I’m already over it, passing the first 2 didn’t help at all and I have no big hopes from this one as well, its just that I want to complete what I started…and I did it for both skills as well as the letters although now Im doubtful about how they are going to lead me to new opportunities

You have spent hours studying financial analysis, portfolio mgt and stuff. How about you track a certain sector and create a small porfolio ($1000 or a hypothetical one) and test your skills. A 15% return will be the same whether you have $1m or $1k on the line. This will be music to an interviewer’s ears and your CFA might help you land that interview.

CFA means an American body said you passed a test, that’s all. Hiring managers or any serious person will be interested in how you have utilized the skills studied, which is why you can do better even after failing the test but having grasped the material.

The “CFA”, as with most good things out there, will be a hazard to the unsuspecting eye. Imagine a knife in the hands of a mad man or a gun in the purse of, let’s just say, any woman!!! Hope you get the picture.

L 1 and 2 results just made the wait more unbearable. No matter whatever the results just want to be out of this suspense.