did it go?

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I thought the AM went well, felt confident over lunch. PM felt a bit tougher, could have been a bit of fatigue setting in. Most people in my testing room (20 or so Level I candidates) were working till the last minute on PM session. Certainly wouldn’t describe it as easy, but not insanely difficult either. I think the CFAI mock was a good indication of the real thing.

Well I cracked 72 on my last half of practice test 2 days vefore the real deal but found the ethics hard could go either way so I am just hoping I checked some of the questions I didn’t know about 6 in the morning and afternoon outside of the ethics

It didn’t seem that hard though I did silly mistakes for which only I am to blame ,ethics was in my view the trickiest . I guess in PM I did better and I’m afraid that this exam is going to have a bigger MPS . Overall i think I did ok but never say never.

This is Yash from India. We all in Mumbai(India) felt AM was a little difficult but PM was pretty easy. I hope to score at 65+% in AM and 70% in PM with a decent distribution in all 10 topics. Do you think this is passable?

One part was tough - especially ethics - we all know which, so it depends if you had it as AM or PM

It was harder than mock

Second part was really okay, i even smiled when i was going through the questions

But I don’t know, I have mixed feelings - can’t check the scores right away after writing the exam

I found the AM pretty easy - PM was a little tougher and longer, but still OK. Just Ethics … I have no idea what my score will be for ethics… some questions were so tricky!

Agree with you! Quite fair both parts of the exam.

ethics was tricky…i ended up spending too much time trying to figure out some of the ethics that in the end i had or 6 questions remaining on the test that i ended up guessing on :frowning:

also lost a few points to some theoretical questions where i should have stuck with my gut but didnt

Econ was very very hard.

Found the AM session easier than the PM (except of Ethics, which was really tough in the morning session).

Had to totally guess 3 questions of 240, and there were maybe ~15 questions where i could eliminate one answer (so 50/50 for them). Have a good feeling right now - but long 8 weeks to wait for the result

Same feeling.

Econ was very hard, and to be honest I didn’t spend so much time on this part.

The AM session seemed to be less tricky than the afternoon session.

This feeling is maybe linked to the fact that some of us were tired.

I wish you all the best.

I agree with the consensus that the morning was easy (in a relative term). It was straight forward, nothing threw me for a loop and I was done an hour early.

The afternoon seemed tricker and I was banging my head on a few of the quesitons. I finished with about 35 minutes left, contemplated reviewing my work but ended up just leaving before the 30 minute mark so I wasn’t stuck in my seat for that whole time.

Best of luck to all when scores come out.

I felt AM was a little tougher than PM, maybe my brain needed some waking up to do. But no section really stood out from the rest for me, with regards to difficulty. All down to the waiting now, feels worse than the prep. Hopefully join u all on AF lvl 2 next year!

hello, i attended CFA level 1 exam. in the morning session i ran out of time and coudnot answer a total of 12 questions from different sections. PM session was ok. im very tensed cos of this. what do you think the overall impact it will have on my result?

at least -5% to your score which is important

however if you were excellent in other topics it won’t make you fail

AM was definitely easier than the PM. I found the exam to be easier than the mocks, but noticed at least four or five mistakes I had made upon reviewing after the exam was completed. Overall, I felt pretty confident. Here’s hoping for a pass.

haha, yes. As mentioned I had 3-4 questions where I absolutely had to guess. And after reviewing, all my guesses were wrong. So already 4 mistakes I’ve definitely made. Let’s hope for the other 236 :smiley:

The more time goes by since the exam, the more unsure I feel. Right after the exam I felt much confident that I would have passed. But now I’m not that sure anymore. Normal reaction? First try in December it was the other way around. Felt pessimistic right after the exam and optimistic before the results came out

I also checked some questions this morning: One false (I suspected a trap and waved my first feeling), One right (It wasn’t a pure guess, but my choice was based on a misunderstanding - QM part).

On the Ethic and Standards, a lot of questions looked like both the official MEs and the KS MEs, but I’m quite desapointed since I can just remember a few questions and one of them is false (one part of the answer was really similar to these ME - I’m right on this part - but the second part of the question was really tricky - I’m wrong on this part, so the global answer is wrong).

At this point, I really hope that the morning session could offset the afternoon session.

Best of luck to all when the results come out.

Am I the only who thought the exam was actually harder than the mock?

It was my first attempt, but I felt pretty confident going in, as II was averaging mid-70’s on the mocks I took (KS & CFAI).

The AM paper I thought was difficult. In fact I was rushed to finish the questions. I really felt the PM paper was quite easy overall which was a relief at the time. If I fail the exam it will be because of poor performance on Quan methods and Fixed Income. This is because I ran out of time in my study preparations on those two topics.

Without going in to detail of the exam. If I fail it would be because I didnt do enough of the past papers more than anything else. I think I have a good general understanding of CFA level 1 now, just need to pass the exam :slight_smile:

I will continue to study (in case I fail) to do a resit in 6 months time if I didnt quite do enough.

Looking back the questions werent very hard! Pehaps my imagination(or because I was better prepared) but it did seem easier than the first time I sat it.