So I resigned today.......

one was happy and two cursed at me… I was thinking 3/3 cursed… start my new dig in 2 weeks.

good for you! where to next?

bear stearns - energy group

I read that really quickly and saw “beer streams” *drool* good luck in your next gig.

I am excited…everyone keeps asking me about fixed income losses and health of firm…

i thought u were going to say bear stearns’ hedge funds’ manager.

I am based in houston. I have no exp in hf

dude, you got to inform us as to the curses. That’s the drama

bosy… you do not care to hear… trust me… we have young ears here

they must have taken your resignation personally if they went that strong on you

goldenboy09 Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > bosy… you do not care to hear… trust me… we > have young ears here whoa… that mustve been fun.

Congrats man…and yeah we def want to hear the details on who cursed you out (position) and what they said.

Sucks that they lost o’shaughnessy… I wouldnt think that theyd be hiring at all now, congrats on the job though

goldenboy where did you do to school?

senior PM at 8.33 a.m. " thats a great move for you" " I am shocked you were here this long" “I wish we had a way to keep young talent” " lets do lunch and tell me more" “I have a college buddy that will be a great contact in energy at xyz firm” different PM at 9.03 a,m, first thing out of her mouth , " sh it … where the he ll are you going" “just stay and I will fight for you” " why do you want to work there ifs so risky" investment manager at 9:20 a.m. " you got to be fu**ing kidding me" “why the “he ll do you want to leave us now” “it really is not that much money” " do you need more money” “you were a up and comer here …good luck starting all over again” " we will not want you back later in your career"

did undergrad at a small college in texas…3.8 in economics. undergrad internships in investment banking, credit and inst sales

Well, those curses are very complimentary of you. You seem to have made a great impression with them, and only one of them seems to be an ( * )

bear is actually hiring across a lot of units just not fixed income areas… think a lot of their lay offs came from subprime fixed inciome and some groups in london…

did you give a 2 week notice common or did you just walk out? Is a 2 week notice really for support roles only and not Front office?

I did give too week notice and I was in front office.