so scared.........

so scared, I just took 2 weeks off for the exams…

What’s your strategy?

Scared money don’t make money.

Yeah, but he’s so money and he doesn’t even know it.

Don’t be scuuuurrrred, we’re right hurrrrrrr

I will take one, so that would make you more comfortable and make me scared:D

Don’t worry kevin, I also take only one week. :wink:

i was scared 3 months ago, now i’m not even scared, just ready to get this over with. Pass or fail. I dont think I really care anymore.

^ i still care enough, but i’m leaning towards this attitude lately. can’t wait to have my life back. will push on to the finish line though. no letting up now.

I’m terribly scared right now

ali, you seriously will ace this thing. i promise.

McHigi Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > Don’t worry kevin, I also take only one week. :wink: Good good, your sharing definitely reduced my scary level as the sample size becomes large

i aint never scuured

I gave up. Will be a part of circus team at Madison Square. Do visit my show. I train the parrots to use the cannons.

I’m really feeling quite comfortable and can’t wait to walk out on June 6th knowing I’m taking Level III next June (and my high score on a practice test is only 77). Get some confidence people, Jesus…

I will be confident just right two days before exams, before that, I would keep myself scared…

I am not scared. I am putting the maximum effort I can put. Like 8-12h of studying every day until the exam. I am giving my best. The rest is luck, for a lack of a better word. I guess being scared relates subconsciously to the fear to have to regret not doing something you could have done. As for wanting to get it over with, hell yeah !!!

i was thinking about moving down to Miami and openning up an ice cream shop next to the beach. spend my days talkin up latina chicks, making ice cream (how does green tea w/cookie dough sound to you?), and eating cuban sandwiches. Thats the life!

I am not like you guys I have nothing to look forward to but a year from now (at the earliest): June 6th: CFA L2 Nov 21st: FRM Full June 5th: CFA L2 or L3 No breaks:(

Fear was so last year. This time around I just can’t wait to get it over with and get back to having a life again!!