It must be results day. AF is barely creeping along.

Oh well. Good luck to all the WC testees. (?) Let us know how you did.

Yep, I thought my network was down, but then another site popped up in a flash. Then I remembered it’s exam results day, and it’s pretty much always like this as the servers try to handle the load of refresh requests…

Today is such an awkward day around the office. Should I ask how they did or not???

I always ask. Pass or fail it’s a good reason to have a happy hour and get people drunk.

i find that people who pass tend to be smiling ear to ear, while the soulcrushing defeat of the failures tend to be frowning or look like they want to kill somebody

Are there really that many people taking the test at your shops? I mean, is this kinda like a really sadistical version of Christmas morning? Some people find glitter and gold, and some people find coal?

I’ve never worked with anyone who’s taken the test, so I can’t relate.

Passed L2…

Here’s to spring 2015!

So four years ago when I became a charterholder, I was one of only two people in our entire sales organization to have the designation. Now we have, I think, eight candidates. It’s becoming more and more expected of salespeople to get their CFA, even wholesalers covering the retail channel. Too many big RIAs have CFA analysts. And it’s becoming very important for institutional salespeople.

Basically, if you’re trying to sell something to a CFA, you should also be a CFA.

Argh, so slow. May have to just come back tomorrowwwwwww.

Seriously it took like 10 minutes for me to reply to that one thread, and then it got deleted. One star on Yelp.

I have passed L2…thanks for all the support

Yea I was trying to post a snippy response to Ohai’s reply which took 10 minutes but the site kept crashing.

Ugh have to wait 2 more weeks for L3 results.

I think it works now… maybe…


Bad Gateway error

I passed level 1. I was probably one of the people crashing the site as I was refreshing for my congratulatory S2000 message.

Yeah, as of this morning, S2000 has 7,679 points. Anybody recall what he had at this time yesterday?

And we still need to hear the results of the normal WC folk.

Around 2,400, if memory serve.

What happened to the Israeli prostitute thread? Lately, I feel like I have a power of erasing any thread I post in…

A bit faster today, but still a little slow.