I legit will be fired if I fail the exam.

Lol dafuq? What’s their problem?

That’s quite aggressive

Ay mijo!!! Please tell us this is just exam nerves!!! :broken_heart: :-1: :frowning_face:

Pass it then.

I’ve seen this scenario before but only for multiple fails. There was a buyside shop in London that used to get rid of people who failed any level twice. no questions asked, just booted.

For a sales role this seems awry. Anyhow, f em that’s dumb regardless. Could be they aren’t psyched about the sales but could also be they’re dumb.

I hope you pass but if you don’t, tell them the results are under audit and you’ll release them as soon as they are done, while you look for a new job.

Hopefully you pass mate, being jobless and homeless would suck

Were you the guy who bought the ripple?

Pass, then go find a better, higher paying job.

That was i profit 4 sure

Are you having a giggle mate?

Yeah, in all honesty selling used washing machines isn’t all that bad though - (joking). But my team goes hard. We aren’t hired to be slacks.

No way. Your boss is just being the intense nutjob he is.

what are you selling?

But, to be fair. The guy has basically given me the last month off from work. He’s been letting me study at work all day - so, while he may have high expectations, I couldn’t ask for a better boss in more than one regard.

Passive factor based SMA’s!

Why is CFA so important for this job? It is kind of odd that they care so much about this.

Ay mijo!!! Que bueno!!!

Leave the cervezas at home: the liberry is fer studyin’!!! :+1:

Nobody has ever been fired from sales for not passing a CFA, you get fired from a revenue generating job for not generating revenue. Or Me Tooing someone.

Or taking off several months of work to study for a test you fail