someone getting fried


Couldn’t honestly agree more with this statement in this context.

They should bring back execution by firing squad option. Definitely more humane and painless than poison. A more dignified way to go as well.

Agree 100%. Doesn’t even need a squad, we have the technology. The heinousness and evidence required to face the death penalty in the modern era justifies dealing the penalty out quickly and efficiently. You get 3 years to exhaust your appeals then you’re dispatched without ceremony. This kind of gross incompetence with the simplest tasks is why its impossible to even order a hamburger in peace anymore.

If you read some of the crimes these people commit, digging a hole, throwing the guy in there alive, and filling it with dirt seems more than fair.

This is a verbatim quote from someone on my FB timeline about this:

I hate the fact people exist that think like this.

In a very libertarian sense, maybe that person is right. You should just have the trial, publicize the verdict and findings, then release them. Let things naturally sort themselves out. Annoying we are wasting tax money on these people.

i looked at the crimes of the 5 people, do they seem worse than some of the other grotesque crimes around the country?

Yes obviously.

This is largely irrelevant to the argument at hand, as proponents of the death penalty would probably want to sentence some of those other “grotesque” criminals to death as well.

It’s also the case that most of those criminals are either a) facing the death penalty for the state in which their crimes fell under jurisdiction or are b) in a state which either bans or has limits the use of the death penalty. Obviously these cases fell under federal jurisdiction probably because state lines were crossed. So you have to consider each event within the proper set to even make the comparison, but as Ohai pointed out it is an irrelevant and poorly considered argument to even make.

My only issue with the death penalty is that it is expensive. We really just need to make the death penalty much cheaper. A bullet to the head shouldn’t cost much.

The pros of the death penalty is that it is the ultimate detterent. It provides justice for the victims. And we are taking our individuals that have a net cost to society.

lastly is criminal recidivism is extremely high. So it’s quite pointless keeping them alive. They will just do the same crime again. Best to nip it in the bud

Did you just manage to state the two most debated and complex views on death penalty as facts? I think you did!

well if you execute someone, im pretty sure at least he wont be doing anything. good or bad. haha.

it could also deter others, singapore which has the highest executions per capita, coincidentally, has the lowest crime rates.

as for providing justice for victims, its tough to say, since it depends on the victim.

but imo, the biggest victim is society having to take care of a criminal.

on a personal level, id prefer a death sentence than a life sentence.

as much as id love to think that im in good company with jamal and jose.

as big sean, ariana grande’s ex, once said:

I’m here for a good time, not a long time, you know I I haven’t had a good time in a long time, you know I I’m way up, I feel blessed Way up, I feel blessed (Straight up)

"I can’t sugarcoat the answer for you, this is how I feel: If somebody kill my son, that mean somebody gettin’ killed."Tell me what you do for love, loyalty, and passion of All the memories collected, moments you could never touchI’ll wait in front a nigga’s spot and watch him hit his block I’ll catch a nigga leavin’ service if that’s all I gotI’ll chip a nigga, then throw the blower in his lap Walk myself to the court like, “Bitch, I did that!”

That said, the strongest argument against the death penalty is the same thing that makes it the ultimate deterrent to future crimes: it is irreversible. If the law messes up and kills an innocent person, that is an extremely bad outcome. It’s actually a pretty complex issue giving the state that kind of power over a citizen’s life, which is probably necessary for a totalitarian regime to command subservience. That is balanced against the utilitarian cost of keeping that person around in jail and maybe being released to commit another crime.

this is great

for the most part. i think if you ever go to butt rape prison. your life is pretty much ruined. if you werent damaged then, you’re going to be. recidivism rates are like 75%. with those rates the death penalty is much better.

due to those repeat offenders. an innocent is going to get hurt anyways. better it be the person who alledgedly commited the crime, than a victim who is truly innocent and is beyond reproach.

in china they actually do something pretty interesting. where they use prisons as forced labor camps. but its tought to tell whether these are actualy criminals or political prisoners. personally imo, people who create unrest are criminals.

i think the most humane thing to do is to give the prisoner a choice. work or die. they should get to choose whether they work for their keep or die. why keep them locked up doing nothing and why make a choice about their life for them? both are bad. if they want to die, let them, if they want to live, then they work. simple.