I’ve hit a scarface phase:

hand of the dead body -scarface

no tears - scarface

Hip hop (ft nas) - scarface

high powered - scarface

Stevie Stone - momentum

Machine Gun kelly - hold up (shut up)

rick ross - legendary

Rick ross - national champs

lil wayne - terrorists

Move your body, Move your body

c’mon now everybody,move your body.

Never gonna give you up- Rick Astley

Pure gold.

Most straight up rick roll ever.

I guess i have to appease an older crowd with this lists - shall i revert to CCR?

^ There’s a bad moon on the rise!

Just so long as it’s not the Eagles. I hate the farking Eagles, man.

I did it my way - Paul Anka

Paul Anka, another Canadian…

I’d like to see Paul Anka vs. Frankie Vallie





I’ve been on a Big KRIT binge.

Gov, some good ones Raw, love big krit Free mixtape from wycleff jean drops tomorrow. Could be good. Well see.

Iris Goo goo dolls

^ Wycleff mixtape dropped. It’s not too bad.

“Use the pain” -eric thomas. Def inspirational


@whatgov @ raw @cole @CFAmba

^ good shit and im not usually a wyclef fan. All the zoe pounds on here gonna use this as an anthem.


I like to move it move it.