Sooooo not feeling it

I remember for Level I & II for that matter at this point I knew I had 10 different things I still had to hammer out. Now I just feel like I need to hammer out everything still. I don’t freak but I am about to freak. I so don’t have it together, I am a man with no plan. I think I might finish up my review of book 5 tomorrow and take the free cfa exam. Then I still have to do GIPS, Ethics, go over Immunization again, shortfall risk, the whole macro/micro, currency allocation stuff, figure out how to hedge and all the foreign currency crap… I do know SAMURAI, Ohhhh wait I forgot I have to start doing IPS questions too… AWESOME… I should just bag it and go on a vacation…

Get a hold of yourself man. We’re all on the same boat. This happens at the same time every year to everyone (I look back at my LII books and wonder what half of the stuff is…). You will get through this.

I feel like quitting myself! That’s after putting in almost 300 hours already! I feel like I’m spinning in place! Blehhhhhhhhhhhhhh

Seriously, I keep saying to myself, I have put in the time… Maybe I didn’t put the right time in, maybe I went about studying the wrong way.

hmm I feel the same way …however i really have a lot more to do …i dont think i can remember a single formula I cant remember what butterfly/bear/bull spreads are much less the formulae … this is gonna be a rough weekend …damn this thread is depressing

Im on my second pass of the readings - reviewing each LOS by chapter and trying to understand the general topics of each one of them. I’m on SS #8 and DREADING the next 9 SS… all that ‘delta omega gamma futures spot forwards swaps swaptions’ … BUT as I read through all that, I know I will forget 1-8 and have to go back and do it all again… for some reason, I cant seem to make this shiznit stick in my brain! SAMURAI - I remember the name and that it deals with Qualities of a good benchmark, but for some reason, I cant remember what each letter stands for. I swear, I wish this was like 4 books instead of 6 (CFAI readings), I think I could handle that).

I’ve been making up my own flashcards the last few days and I’m half way through book 4 and I keep staring at the pile getting taller and taller wondering how the hell am I even going to get to go through those. I keep rolling through the material and it all looks familiar, but no way could I put pen to paper to detail it. I just keep thinking the morning session is going to hand me one big ass reality check. I think I’ll be able to get through the multiple choice OK, but I don’t know about the written response. Keep pushin guys. Alot can come together in the last three weeks.

^^ I feel the same way. Multiple choice gives that visual prompt “oh yeah, that look familiar” on maybe 30% of the questions, which I can therefore answer without even switching on my brain. Now I have to remember the buzzwords and learn how to put them into a sentence. Much more taxing.

I’m feeling the exact same way and I’m hoping that it’ll all just come together in the final week. I’ve completely reviewed S3-S11 and still have S12-S20 to go through… so lots of work still to do before I start on the pratice exams… and what’s worse is by the end of today I’ll be working on S13 which I hate with a passion.

I am with you guys I am completely frustrated. Took the sample exam last night and got a 63. I mean a freakin 63… I’ve studied probably for over 300 hours and I get a 63. I must be a complete moron or something. At this point it seems I should have everything memorized or understood, but there is just so much damn material. I didn’t think the questions were that hard but I completely over thought them, i.e. that one credit risk question I was thinking that it should have been potential credit risk but they never said if it was american or europe option so i guess i should have know. Ahhhh back to it, another 8-9 hour day.

yeah, any LOS could show up in the exam, have to commit everything to mind, very tough course in deed.

that is what I am not liking about preparing for this level … is that however much you study, unless you have a photographic memory (literally) … you are going to forget something. as depressing as it is to read this thread, it is reassuring, to a point, that quite a few people are feeling the same pain.

I agree, its nice to know I am not the only one… I took a break last night and watched Juno… I can’t remember how long it been since I sat on the couch and watched a movie with a beer… It was nice to get away. Also the movie was decent…

Juno - very funny movie and Miss Ellen Page is a cutie. You can’t help but like her character. I can’t wait to get back into the real world after this - 21 days! And we will all be wondering what the hell to do with our time. BTW I am feeling more confident - I KNOW we will all be curve setters on this forum (except I may be left tail setting vs you all on the right. )

That’s my day today MGG. Doing the Schweser Weekend seminar today, then just leaving the books alone for the night and going to enjoy a nice dinner with the family, watch a movie and get a good nights sleep. This will probably be the last break I take before the exam.

there is something about level 3 tht is not motivating…cant get my focus when am studying…for 1 and 2 there was this great will and passion…not anymore… may be its cause of global warming… need to blame on something other than me:))

sid3699 - looks like you need a beer and a movie. I watched untraceable with my hubbie last night . it was just good mindless semi-thriller … and I just cant wait to do more of this post E-day. *starting my study day after a nice chill out night*

sid3699 - looks like you need a beer and a movie. I watched untraceable with my hubbie last night . it was just good mindless semi-thriller … and I just cant wait to do more of this post E-day. - starting my study day after a nice chill out night

i watched it a few days back…nothing great…after the SAW/Hostel series dont find other serial killer movies tht good:)

I agree there are better movies, right now it is a nice treat just to be watch a movie, period! Have you seen mr brooks - I thought that was a great movie 'coz the plot was excellent with not all the current special and computer special effects. A well written and good old fashion thriller… *back to risk management*