Spicy Food

idk what happened but I get wrekt when I eat anything over Frank’s Red Hot levels.

Weak sauce.

I like eating hot peppers whole. I don’t f*ck with ghost peppers though.

i used to stick to american spicy foods aka franks red hot & some peppers. Since dating my gf I have started eating more and more asian food with spice and holy hell its a different type of spicy. Very good buy sometimes I bite off more than I can chew and ill be tearing and huffing and puffing. Love me some spice

American people, in general, cannot tolerate even food of slight spiciness. To us foreigners, it is not actually spicy unless you can feel it at both ends.

Habaneros are as hot as I’ll go.

reason #32 why I will never again chug a bottle of ghost pepper sauce for money

Pain is not a flavour.

You are right and wrong.

There are sweet, salty, sour, bitter and umami.

Spicy foods in fact are a pain sensation.

The spicier the better.

Yeah, I’ll order the spiciest level regularly at Thai places, love the heat. I’ll sweat it out, but I’ll love every minute of it.

Not sure why but white people in general can’t take any amount of spice.

If you’re healthy, it is good for you. Speeds up your metabolism.

Has to do with Substance P depletion from an early age IIRC

Unless I am forgetting something, spicy food does not exist in French and German food, and is very rare in Italy (save for arrabiata sauce but it isn’t common). Russian food also does not have it, except for some sauces from the Caucasus.

I also don’t recall much chili in North-African / Turkish / Lebanese / Persian foods.

My conclusion is that spicy food tends to be rather confined to South-East Asian and South-American food.

But since such restaurants are very prevalent in the West and even more so in the USA, I guess that we are more exposed to spicy foods than what might be considered “natural” ?

Weird post I know but I am just realising that eating spicy stuff might not be all that natural for many populations.

Kind of like me, I have an addiction to spicy stuff, even if it gives me the sh1t5.

I have raw jalapeno peppers usually twice a day. really good especially when mixed with avocados

my indian buddies will leave me with a runny nose usually after whatever their wives cook. That spice is legit.

Nice, just looked it up, very interesting.

Can totally handle the front end, woke up one day and wasn’t able to handle the conclusion. Must be an age thing.

I understand you’re talking about your ass exploding, but the actual level of “hotness” you able to handle has a lot to do with your age. Basically, as you get older your taste buds either die or become desensitized allowing you to eat spicier food without even realizing it.

It’s the spiciness equivalent of skipping leg day.

Partially a self fulfilling prophecy in the sense that they cant take it because they dont really eat it, and they dont eat it cause they cant take it. Once you start eating spicy food your tolerance increases and you can eat spicier foods and enjoy them