Spicy Food

Capsaicin (active ingredient in all spices) is good for arthritis.

yeah, white people can’t eat street food either. dont know whats up with that

North African food absolutely has spice if you know what to ask for. Ethiopian food is eerily similar to Indian food. South East Asian spice is more ‘raw’ if that makes sense and South Asian / Sub-continental spice is more flavorsome.

The Paki/Afghan/Persian region has the best food in my opinion. They use the spice to give just the right amount of taste but even if you aren’t used to spice it won’t leave you uncomfortable

Most of us can afford to eat indoors.


Used to eat a lot of asian spicy but it was doing a number on my digestive tract. General health really improved after that - no more noxious gas. Spice is for taste, not to measure manliness.

Only a minority of white people find pleasure in explosive diarrhea.

Yet the spiciest food in Germany is currywurst. #correlationbreakdown

Sounds like something a sissy would say; man up and not like Adam Richman who cheated with all the lassi and rice…


Bon chon chicken. For those who love spicy fried chicken. It gets no better. The day after though, your butthole will be on fire.

I love spicy food, especially the proper Indian food spiciness where the hotness is only there as a subtle addition to the flavour at the front end and then it gradually builds up in the after taste. ring sting is only a minor inconvenience.

White people can eat street food most places. I could really go some pav bhaji right now,

This is true. But, the desensitization can be self inflicted, causing many to lose their palate and pouring that Franks Red Hot on errrrrything.

Image result for franks red hot pour shit on everything

agreed, most varieties of potatoes are not spicy.

I know, right ? We also don’t use sewage water to brush our teeth.


Actually Russian food can be surprisingly varied…

Is there any real, authentic russian food, aside from vodka and borsch? Thought everything was just garbage bc they couldn’t get anything bc of years of communism.

^Boiled bacon.

That doesn’t SOUND good. But I’ve heard that bacon and cabbage was the predecessor to corned beef and cabbage. Is it good?

lol rookies

Not sure but my brother got to go to the USSR back when it was cool (read: horrible) and was welcomed with a plate of boiled bacon. He’s pretty sure they were just messing with the ignorant Americans…but maybe not.