Spicy Food

Ruskies can’t even fully claim borscht - I read in Wikipedia that borscht actually originated in Ukraine. Unless it was Crimea, in which case it’s indeed Russian by origin as recently clarified by Putin.

Side note: I am very pro wet wipes

It seems that most “Russian” food is taken from other places. Is pierogi/pelmeni Russian or Polish? I don’t even know.

A pattern emerges, Russians *liberate* a region and appropriate the local cuisine as own after pouring on top some white sauce which mostly consists of mayo.

Vodka isn’t even Russian, it originated in Poland

If you render down the bacon, sweat some onions and a bit of julienned carrot and cabbage, add some fermented cabbage, a bay leaf or 2, and some sausage, and stew the works for a bit, then you got yerself some good eatin’!!!

Boiled bacon??? Oh, sweet Lordie, nooooooooooo!!! :-1:

Sichuan spicy is where its @ fools

It seems you are all forgetting to mention that great spice: our friend the habenero pepper

boiled bacon is pretty good

if you boil it

in a pan

of hot oil …


Ugh actually a few times this past winter my gf took my beautiful thick cut bacon and cut it up and made soup with it, so essentially boiled bacon. It was not great and it annoyed me that she just bastardized my bacon like that. IDK man, someone must like it like that. It’s weird. You’re in the right tho.

When I put raw bacon into soup, I first pan cook it to get the juices going. Then I chop up the bacon to put in the soup aaaaandddd… pour that delicious unhealthy bacon oil straight into the soup… mmhhhhhhhhyeahhhhhh