Squatty Potty

Has anyone used these ? I ordered one from Amazon and was skeptical at first,let me tell you that going to the bathroom and using these has been something I look forward to every day ,this has been one of the best purchases I have made recently ,really improves your quality of life.

Can’t you accomplish the same thing by just leaning forward a bit?

^No,your legs have to be elevated,also you run the risk of falling off if you lean too much :D.

For some reason your knees have to be higher than your waist.

got one for Christmas a while back.

^Happy with the results ?

indeed. if nothing else it’s a good hip opener when you’re on it.

I have one, it’s not bad, you do have to clean it once a while though. Watch the episode of shark tank haha, it’s hilarious.

Or you can try Garland yoga pose.

Pretty sure this was on Shark Tank.

If I ever had trouble pooping the fact that my knees weren’t tucked up to my chest would be one of the last causes to occur to me.

Howard Stern has been singing its praises for around 10 years.

yea this is a good one i do a lot. it’s amazing how it can make you feel like a million bucks after sitting all day.

I’ve been tempted to buy one but I usually handle my business at the office.

doesn’t this increase the height and therefore backsplash

Not really, it just changes your posture, your butt is still on the toilet. It actually does the exact opposite in my experience.

I wonder how they described this job to the model in the promotional material.

Enjoy! at 2:36 you will never look at ice-cream the same way again


Was just thinking about that. I wonder if there are models that specialize in this random job niche (all those SkyMall models) or if she is a friend of the inventors family. Maybe SHE invented it and is vain enough to model it herself.

Now i know what to use my old 2x4s for

^Measure your toilet seat height. It has to meet a specific ratio.