Stalla L3 feedback

Anyone using Stalla for L3 and have started going through the lectures and notes… Any feedback from Stalla users deeply appreciated for L3 (current or previous)

The 2008 notes are not yet available. They shipped me the 2007 notes to jumpstart my efforts, but I dont have any lecture CDs so I’m not starting without them…ok another excuse not to start.

The notes aren’t even out yet. What are they waiting for?

I called them yesterday and they said that the lecture notes, study notes and pass masster is starting to ship on 1/2/2008 - but I didn’t get a confirm email with the tracking number… I’m on Session 1 (of the CFA Inst. books) it is the most exciting… Ethics…

Just got mine today…not sure what’s in the box yet…dont want to open it

Well the books are skinnier, about 1 whole book skinnier. I thought they removed a lot fo crap but a quick look appears they used thinner paper!!

How is the quality of the notes

I dont knwo yet. They appear the same as last year. I want to start but they didnt send me the passmaster (question bank) or the lectures yet…

what ? no passmaster? that sucks (my stalla shipment is due to arrive tomorrow)… that will put me behind for sure! Not happy… I think I’m gonna call them!

Exactly…i started with Ethics as I dont view those lectures and save most the of the questions for Ethics to month before exam anyways…still I’m a little peeved.

I like Stalla study materials, but I am not happy with their operations this time. I knew that I have an arranged trip 2 weeks from now, and will not return to the US until late March. Hence, prior to making an order, I called in September and got a confirmation that materials will be ready in December. Since I did not hear anything from Stalla in December, I called again at the very end of December, and was being told that EVERYTHING will be ready for shipping early January. Again, I did not get any shipping confirmation email prior to yesterday. Thinking about beginning to study in late March is truly too late, I decided to call again yesterday to check where my materials are, I was told that nothing has been shipped to me! I am pissed this time!! According to the representative, only books are ready, but lecture DVDs will not be until late January. No exception on international shipping since the order was placed as an domestic order. I am now considering if I should just cancel the order and get Schweser…

dude, I cant believe you just wrote a book about that, just have someone forward the material to you when they arrive

yayks… does anyone know the est. ship date for the passmaster?

fyi I just called them and they said that the Passmaster was included in the shipment with the books that I’m supposed to receive tomorrow. I hope they are right! ohhhh I am already sick of reading the Ethics portion of the curriculum!

If you receive passmaster let us know, because I sure as hell didnt and will be pissed.

ok. I’ll let you know tomorrow afternoon…

I received my books yesterday, but not passmaster software of video lectures. It’s cool though, I’m not starting until MLK day anyway!

I got my shipment today and no freaking passmaster! I’m pissed! I hate being misinformed! - I called those Fu#$%ers yesterday and they said that passmaster is included in my shipment! I’m soooo calling them tomorrow and complaining! I’m going to ask for them to overnight it to me and I don’t care! There I vented now I will have some wine! hehe

I spoke to the Stalla reps back in September and they informed me back then that they weren’t rushing their changes just to get it out early, and that early February for the video cd’s was on track with their L3 schedule each year. I ordered it regardless and found the pdf notes to be very helpful.

You make a good point. I used Schweser for L1 and L2 and was pleased with them, but I decided to change it up a little bit for L3 and ordered Stalla this time. I was getting disappointed because I’ve been waiting for their product to arrive, but maybe it is for good reason if they truly are reworking their material to reflect the new LOS’s. Look at how everyone complains about Schweser not covering topics sufficiently enough (i.e. TB)