Starting to Practice the AM Section

And I am defeated. I know the best advice is to have started practicing last month, but does anyone have any words of wisdom or advice on getting this experience rolling?

Thanks in advanced.

Full disclosure: it’s one of my products.

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I do not want to be fun killer but I fear that the exam is unlikely to be held. Infections are spiking already above March/April and who knows what will happen in the next weeks. As much as I hate to say it but I would be surprised if the exam were to be held on 5th of December.

Where is your venue?

In the EU. But the specific location does not matter, IMO, because we are going to get hit hard by the new wave that CFAI may just cancel the whole thing.

Hope you will be wrong! Here in Brazil (SĂŁo Paulo) apparently there are no reasons to cancel the exam.

They should take into account that there are different seasonalities for different countries and I don’t see anything wrong in allowing safer coutries to have the exam.
In next June it could be the contrary (i.e. safe EU and not safe LATAM) and so on…meaning that without a vaccine the exam will not be taken for a long if they continue to cancel the exam under a global unique view.

I hope to be wrong as well and you are right - if people around the world could do the exam safely in their countries, then CFAI should let them.

By the way, I find it interesting that in a country such as France where the virus is going totally off the charts there are no cancellations. Germany or Switzerland, on the other hand, are in better condition yet the restrictions are already in place so that it is already known than in some areas (Frankfurt/Zurich) of these countries there will be no exams held.

same in canada, the whole country is so big and population is so small yet they’ve cancelled most of the locations.

The worst thing in my opinion is that they have already cancelled the exams even though there is still time for things to improve. Now we are entering the peak in EU and things could be much better by December. I would now prefer to be on hold until few days before the exam than to find out today that the exam is postponed and then to find out that situation improved on the exam day. This is what happened in June but that’s life.