Steps to get the Charter

Anyone can guide for the steps to get the Charter ?

I have the work experience and am a regular member. Do we need to do anything from our end?

My understanding is that if your dues are paid up, have entered/approved work experience and references (2 if they are CFA’s, 3 if not) have responded, you will get your charter.

Ok, Thanks

Ok but where do we go on the website to enter all this information ?

Thank you guys I’m so excited I can’t concentrate.

I believe you need to do it under the CFA Program section under your profile. Right now, it appears it is currently missing from the website.

I became a CFAI member previously (i.e. I already had my work experience and references approved), and today I passed L3. However, in the member directory it still doesn’t say CFA after my name. When will this change? Thanks.

UPDATE: I spoke to CFAI. They said I need to wait about a week for an email that will officially grant me charterholder status. It is not something that automatically shows up in your active member profile as soon as you pass L3.

UPDATE 2: Hey, I searched again and now it says CFA after my name! I AM A CHARTERHOLDER!!! woo hoo!!! :slight_smile: I called back CFAI and a different person told me that their system was “in hibernation” until all results were sent out, but it seems to be coming out of hibernation sooner than expected.

Where do you enter your work experience and references ?

Got it !

I am wondering the same thing.

Just checked the membership directory and looked up my name. It has the letters CFA after

That’s odd, because they told me I need to wait about a week for an email that will officially grant me charterholder status, and until then I will not see CFA after my name.

UPDATE: Now it says CFA after my name. I guess it just took time for the change to roll out in their system. Also, I spoke to CFAI again and confirmed that I don’t have to wait for any email from them to make it official, either.

Do you need to join CFA Society NY/Philly etc to become Charterholder?


from my profile page:

You have earned the Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) designation.

Where do you see that on your profile page? My profile page doesn’t have any link called “My Enrollment”, as far as I can tell.

sorry not profile… click my account ----> CFA program

Hey everyone,

Is there a need to apply for the Charter? I mean wouldn’t it be sufficient to demonstrate to your potential employer that you were able to pass all 3 levels?

Otherwise, it just means membership fees each year.


mine also has CFA after my name. sounds like it is automatic if all prerequisites are met.

Applied after writing L3, just paid the dues this morning after receiving results. I’m also showing up in the directory with the letters! WOOO

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