still mad about exam...

i still can’t get oevr the fact that I skipped one entire question in the AM portion (easiest section of the 10 questions in AM). pretty sure i failed because of it

no way, because last year my friend didnt answer 2 questions last year and he passed.

^ can’t argue with that rock-solid logic.

I also missed 1 question in morning (10 percent), however I am not too concerned because I think I did good overall in the morning compared to last year (2nd attempt this time).

Leaving 1 question isnt a big deal.

I thought last year afternoon was a lot more straightforward, not sure if people will agree on that.

i missed 35mins, already planned to start in march 2017.

I’m very sorry to hear that.

Nevertheless, you still have a chance of having passed.

Fingers crossed.

Don’t worry you still have a big chance to pass. How do you feel about the PM Session? I left 65 minutes blank in the AM session and got band 9. 65/360 that almost 20% of the total exam. So you will be fine. I kinda found the PM session this year to be really tricky and around 2 out of 6 questions are not as straight as other questions. lets just wait and hope for the best.

my friend left 3 entire AM sections blank and passed L3 last yr. That said, he did get > 70 in the entire PM so…

Just for clarification , with question did you guys refer to complete Question like Question 1 or 2 or just the subpart.

thanks for your empathy.

I also made a few stupid mistakes in the PM session (and I’m not yet over them)

I believe they are referring to the whole question. Not answering 1 or 2 subsection questions should not hurt you (providing that you answered the majority of the questions correctly)

Who’s more mad: OP or everyone who works in finance in the UK, and/or holds UK bank stocks? Both did this to themselves…

Still have a chance for sure. 1 entire question blank will not kill you

Agreed. Looking at last years passing scores, there were individuals who received marks that were less than 50 in 6 out of the 11 morning topics that still passe so there is a chance

June does not want to end still.


is this really true? Do you have any such scores you can link to?

its true – even i saw it. still doesn’t make me feel better :confused:

this might actually be the slowest 1 week il go thru in my life. i can’t describe how much anxiety ive decveloped over the last few months. If i fail, i won’t take it again not because of the studying, but because i can’t repeat this anxious wait.