Strange and Funny Exam Day Stories - June 2014 Exam

Exam Location: Chicago

I really think that people lose their minds the day of the exam. Before the start of the morning session, a lady in my section walks up to the proctors check-in desk and starts to swing her leg wildly back and forth, back and forth. Everyone is looking at her like she is a complete lunatic. She then proceeds to ask the head proctor of our section if she can do her leg exercises during the exam at her table because she gets a stiff knee after sitting for a while. The proctor does a great job of not laughing and tells her that she will need to go to the back of the room if she must do this crazy leg swing. No, that would not be at all distracting.

Anyone else have some good stories to share?

Guy behind me had an extremely grating laugh and kept bragging about how prepared he was and how easy the morning session was. I have never hated anyone else more in my life.

Toronto test centre’s finest:

-50 yr old overweight guy in his pyjamas, didn’t think he was there to write until I saw his ticket in his hand

  • The guys in full suits and tie bars (worn incorrectly) as if image is anything on test day.

San Francisco, for the AM session the proctor reading the instructions forgot to tell us we could start. Around 500 people spent a very uncomfortable couple of minutes staring at each other, too terrified to open our exam books while worrying that the clock was ticking away. They ended up restarting the clock at 9:03.

And that same proctor in San Francisco forgot to tell us to open our test booklets when she was reading the instructions in the AM session. We were confused if we could open them up to rip out the answer sheet and fill in our information.

i only saw one guy in a suit in London, ON.

One of the proctors was wearing a really tight and short skirt and she was hefty! She had to keep pulling it down because it was riding up. Her cottage cheese legs were quite distracting.

Saw a guy get of of his car on arrival and promptly puke on the floor. I couldn’t help but chuckle. Poor dude.

One of the proctor was sexy as hell.

I could not concentrate when she walked around my desk

lol that is gold.

OMG, I forgot to bring my passport :(( cant forgive me for that carelessness

Btw, I wrote wrongly Test center code in the morning exam, I fill in the blank my room and seat number, now I’m quite anxious :(( is that serious mistake?

How the hell did you even get to the part where you have to write your name & test center if you forgot your passport?

I immediately came back home and got my passport.

need to get your opinion(s). I was sitting there after checking in for the PM session but way before the timed exam/announcement started, chatting up a cute girl beside me. Then the proctor comes up to us and tells us that we are not allowed to talk during this time. I don’t recalled reading any rules/pledges that we can’t talk before the announcements or timed exam start.


I wish that was the case in our test center

I got a minor headache from all the people puzzing around from desk to desk to chat … you setting at your desk surrounded by people standing up in circles like it was high school… There were lots of giggles in the air… I wanted to knock them all out, especially before the PM session !

^ Lol, I always take some panadol extra before the afternoon session.

I have a funny after-exam story. I have so clearly split my time planning according to before and after modi that I have not noticed the national holiday. And went to work on a national holiday (MOnday)… God was I surprised!))) I knew every single legitimate day off before the exam, but not one the day after))).

That’s exactly what I did !!

I’m used to taking regular panadol (not extra) … But on exam day I picked up tbe pills on hurry and only in the exam did I realise it’s panadol EXTRA … It was the first time I ever tried it, and gosh I had the most unusual stomach pain … I think my stomach could not tolerate it

it was a very uncomfortable PM session

Sorry to hear this, for some reason, I could not stress on exam day, I was too busy thinking about how much effort I put on this. Felt like a dream.

While here in Riyadh, the guy sitting behind had a throat infection and was coughing every 3-4 minutes. This continued in the AM & PM sessions. It was an absolute distraction for me.

wish i could share some story …

The nightmare of my life is that on the exam day at 5am got an email from the CFAI that the exam in our center/city has been cancelled due to security threat…

i still dont know if i am suppose to bang my head, fall off a cliff, cry or scream …

no news if there is a retake yet!!!