Stranger Things

Fucking great. On ep 6. Is it a single season resolution, like True Detective? Seems to be on that track.

Best theme song in 30 years.

I’m on episode 4 or 5, but yeah its fantastic. I need to download the next couple to watch on my iPad for my flight tomorrow.

i get all the strange things i need from infowars

It doesn’t disappoint

They’re coming back for season two. Kinda sucks actually. They should have kept it one and done.

And it’s the best theme song in 30 years because it’s written like a John Carpenter song from 30 years ago.

^exactly, transports you to the 80s instantly upon hearing it. deft.

Everything about the first season was perfect, the music was fantastic. Nervous theyll ruin it but ill still give it a watch and see what they have up their sleeves. Apparently S2 was written before S1 ever aired so they didnt just throw something together, should still be cohesive

It’s okay, the synthesizer music in the opening in great. It kinda lacks a hook though.

Winona Ryder is the worse part, her character is irrelevant, just some chick going hysterical in every scene. They could fire her, save a lot of money, and use that on better special effects.

Classic PA response. I do agree though, she is sort of like Claire Danes in Homeland. Her acting is so annoying but you have to respect that she’s playing the character perfectly.

I thought it was a good show, not great, but very watchable. The story is not that innovative for 2017 but the attention to detail and nostalgia factor keep you watching. I hope they do not drag this show on too long, 2, 3 seasons tops.

Special effects in the 80s werent that great and it wouldnt be very internally consistent and feel out of place. I agree she was annoying at times but, I assume, the people who wrote the series meant for that and did what they want without considering how PA would feel (I know I would certainly ignore the very very small portion of people that are like him)

reminds me of the Goonies kids. Saw the first episode.

Throughout the whole season you’ll get reminded of various 80’s movies. I don’t really even remember the plot to Stranger Things. I was busy reliving the 80’s.

The characters aren’t bad (except Ryder), but not great either. This guy stands out, he’s a nerd, yet kinda alpha too, dude doesn’t give a damn…they should focus on him next season.


he is one ugly fvck this kid but he’s representing jersey

You guys got to me… finally watched the 1st episode. Totally H.P. Lovecraft meets The Goonies, so yea… I’m into it!

(And I would not be surprised one of those boys was based off of a 10 year old STL)

You’d think but they actually based Winona Ryder’s character off me.

KMD is eleven.

Ha Ha.

Actually I relate most to those boys (minus being in a posse). Having a nerdy mythos that permeated my reality as a 10 year old is very familiar to me. Instead of The Hobbit and D&G, it was Indiana Jones, The Goonies and anything Robert Louis Stevenson. I remember getting books about ancient Egypt and trying to translate the hieroglyphics in the images using this dictionary I begged for on my birthday smiley.

You know, I think you know who you are when you are 10. Then puberty messes you all up and you spend the rest of your adult life trying to assimilate your 10year old self with the complexity of the adult mind.

They are bringing in Sean Austin to play annoying Ryder’s boyfriend in season two. Common Mikey… you really went downhill after you found that pirate ship. indecision

Don’t speak ill of Samwise Gamgee!