Straw poll: How did you get your current job

aww nice try its on private! Now stop ruining poor eire’s thread!


you took the whole scando thing seriously didnt you!

KarenC and JTLD e-flirt…

That reminds me, now that scandoworker is out of the way you should invite Mona back to our little partee.

Thought I was flirting with Mattlikesanalysis… :wink:

How is that possible when he’s still hiding under his rock from the looming swine flu epidemic?

Cos he plays the piano :wink:

KarenC Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > Thought I was flirting with > Mattlikesanalysis… :wink: I can’t be chasing you around different threads all day, but if Canada and Ireland were a wee bit closer, I’m sure I’d be tearing up your threads all day.

Tearing up my threads…hmmmm… and yet you have no idea what i look like - high standards :wink:

meh, i like me a witty girl, who’s nerdy enough to be e-flirting on a forum dominated by guys. i don’t get too hung up on looks, i do have a weight requirement, but thats because i’m a wee mate and i prefer to be able to pick up me lass.

well i don’t just flirt with anyone! weight requirement…hmmm… think you’d be able to lift me up no bother - cant be pulling those ashtanga yoga contortions otherwise :wink:

aint nothing wrong with ashtanga :smiley: this just may be the beginning of a long and rewarding e-lationship.

you like having your e-lations on a public forum? :wink:

yeah, when i’m e-roused enough :wink: you?

I’ll let you know when you get the piano out! :wink:

Can you guys please get an e-room. This is getting way too frisky for the public domain

if you’re looking for a pianist, i’m your man, hehe :wink:

Ha yeah thommo i agree - matt behave yourself :wink: or at least take it to the email!

Here I thought I was going to read two pages of how people found their current job. Instead I get e-flirting…thought that’s what was for…can’t wait for when it escalates to e-sex. Anyway: I got my job networking, but I still had to submit an app through the normal channels.