Study Hours Logged --December Lvl 1

Who is logging their study hours so far for the lvl1 this upcoming December? I started studying just about a month ago (I don’t have my log sheet on this computer but I’ll round up to 30 days) and I’ve logged about 64 hours thus far giving me an average of about 2.13 hours per day. Its actually a little more than that I’d say about 2 1/2 (2.5) since it hasn’t been a full month yet. I just want to see where everyone else is in terms of studying which will maybe help me gauge where I should be. P.S. Anyone else taking the exam in Paris? -SFoyil

Ive logged 238 hrs so far. I started early (Feb) because I had a school term from May-Aug so I studied maybe 10hrs over those 4 months lol. I go on a workterm Sept-Dec so I should be able to push 400 hrs in total, which was my goal.

Damn thats a lot haha I’m shooting for somewhere around 280 hrs total. With 400 hours you should fly through that test! Honestly though I wish I started sooner but I was traveling most of the summer and had no real concrete time to sit down and actually absorb the material.

There’s too much importance attached to these study hour stats. People have different backgrounds and different levels of productivity while studying.

I have about 20 hours so far.

70 or so here. I’m about through reading all the material…not taking notes or doing questions yet, just getting a good understanding. Going to go through it all again more thoroughly next to hammer concepts. I have a strong accounting background which helps for FRA.

about 165 hrs thus far…started at beginning of May and I just finished reading all of Schweser with a lot of EOC/Qbank questions done…Sep/Oct will be review, then Nov will be all practice exams…still unsure whether I want to purchase Elan’s wildcard package…

75 hrs approx. just about done with schweser. Ethics study next

I have not logged the hours, following the same approach as Analyze_this. done with ethics, half-way through FRA [plan to revisit it atleast 2 more times on the highlighted stuff] But I agree that #of hours doesnot matter…idea of where others are helpful though!!

I have 31 hours so far this month, and I didn’t log my hours before August but I’m guessing it was around 10 hours since I just started studying the end of July…so 41 hours roughly.

I started mid June. I have 139 hours so far. I’m using SchweserNotes and on SS 10.

not tracked the no of hours.erratic work sleep and study ethics once.done a bit of quant and presently nearing end of SS9.hope to complete everything by mid October.

Haven’t kept track but I’m sure that I’m close to 80hrs. Read Ethics and Quant once, Econ twice, and am about to finish up with FRA this week. I’m gonna try and knock out F.I. and A.I. next month, which should give me two months for the Elan 2000 questions and a few mocks. I am not using the CFAI books, just reading the Elan notes and doing the EOC questions as quizzes. So far, so good. I just wish there weren’t so many formulas in FRA! Hope everyone is hanging in there! -J

Your post reminded me to check, and I have logged around 90 hours so far since mid June, which would put me just about on track to hit 250 by exam time. I will definitely need to spend at least the recommended time studying because I don’t have a background in accounting, MBA, or finance.

I started in a very relax way in January as my work is very demanding 50-60h per week, I’ve done around 250h so far, I’m targeting 400 hours, I’ve gone though the whole material already including 3000 questions and reviewed ethics, quants and economics. My background is IT, I think that I need at least 100 h more than a person with a background in finance.

around 60 hours … finished qunat and portfolio management nd almost done with FA wishing to catch up

Done with Quant and half way thru eco… wish to complete eco by the end of the week. then FSA… lil bit nervous abt FSA… but i think given enough time i should be ok… good luck to every one…

I’m exactly where you are cfabuzz…I’ll be done econ on saturday at the latest

SFoyil Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > I’m exactly where you are cfabuzz…I’ll be done > econ on saturday at the latest cool! lets talk once in while to see how we r progressing! i am liking economics… all the demand curves are exciting to figure out :smiley: good luck to u SFoyil!

SFoyil Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > I’m exactly where you are cfabuzz…I’ll be done > econ on saturday at the latest What material are you following?