Study Partner for CFA level 1

Hello everyone,
I am looking for a study partner for cfa level 1. I am planning to take my level 1 exam in February 2022. I orders Kaplan Schweser resources (2022). I recently graduated with my MBA and decided to take CFA. I only reviewed Quant section from free online recourses. I want to start from the beginning and learn everything with great details. (thats why I prefer to take an exam in February).
We can study online as well. I am ready to spend a lot of time and effort.
Please let me know if anyone is interested.
Thank you very much!

Hi, I am planning to take the exam in 2022 as well but I am from an engineering background and completely new to finance ,I am nowhere near your level ,would love to connect with you if you would like to .

Thank you for reaching out to me. When are you planning to start the preparation?

Since i am new to financial concepts I was afraid I will take more time than normal so I started my preparation yesterday.

Can you send me your email?

I’m interested to partner with CFA level 1 prep. I currently work as an Equity Research Analyst and have done Masters in Finance. Connect with me on LinkedIn, we can prepare together.

hey guys

i am also looking for a study partner my exam is on Nov

Hi my name is Taleni, I have an MBA in marketing and planning on taking my exam in Feb 2022 as well would love to join the group

My email
WhatsApp no +264814524420

Please add me to the group

I am Norris. I am interested in joining a study group. My email address is

Hello guys, I too am appearing in CFA Level 1 in February 2022 attempt and would love to connect with you as a study partner. I have done Bachelor’s in Business and have passed 9 papers of Chartered Accountancy exam from Pakistan. Now I’m based in London, UK. Drop me an email at or a message at +447311411173. I suggest that all of us make a whatsapp group and connect through there as well. Thanks

Hi everyone, I’ve signed up for the CFA Level 1 February 2022 exam as well and would like to join a study group. My email is

Hey everyone. I signed up the CFA Level 1 Feb 2022 exam and would love to join the group :slight_smile: .
My email is,
Whatsapp: +44 07529805263

Hi guys
Can I join your group please?
February 22

Already covered

Im studying Econ now …

Hey everyone. I signed up the CFA Level 1 Feb 2022 exam and would love to join the group!!
My email is
Whatsapp: +1 8572726572

1 Like Looking to take it in Aug, thanks

Hello all! I am hoping to sit the exams in May 2022. Any one interested in partnering? Thank you

i am interested in group study

Hi Prabhu, i am also giving exam in May. Let me knew if you are still looking for studdy buddy.

I believe you have nailed your exam.
Can you courier the material if you are done with your exam