Study Status as of Jan 16, 2013

I am done with Ethics, QM, CF, FRA.

Working on Econ now. Where do you stand?

Please post if you are working full-time. I don’t want people who have finished Schweser twice over to scare the piss outta me!

I am done with Ethics, QM, Econ, FRA, CF and Equities. All done with Schweser.

But FRA i really have to repeat a lot, didn’t grasp all concepts. I already hated FRA in Level 1, i still doubt the >70% i got.

Ethics, Quant and Eco…I started on FRA this week…got a lot to do!

I’m about 1/2 way through Equities. Watched the elan videos, read the notes, going back and answering CFAI end of chapter questions and reviewing stuff as needed now. Maybe a little more than half.

You are doing well. Most normal people I know don’t start until January…they don’t post obsessively here though so you are going to get massive sample bias.

Equity and corpfin done. Derivatives from monday. no study from 26th jan to 3rd feb due to other committments and travel on ac of work. i work Full time. married.wife and 3 yr old daughter.retaker. band 8 last year. have forgotten most of what i studied last year. So its as good as starting afresh. Hope to finish by April 20.

Waiting for my results. Will start after that(obviously if I pass). So now I guess you are a little relieved… And do you think my stratergy is right?

I don’t want to use this thread to feel better about myself. I know there are areas I will need to polish in the subjects I have already studied. My point in asking only those who are working full-time is so that I can properly benchmark myself. At the end of the day, it’s about how well you know your stuff, not how many times you studied it.

I would strongly advise you to start studying already if you think there is more than a 50-50 chance of you passing. I say that because level II is very different from Level I. Elan’s QM videos are up for free. Try watching them over the weekend or something.

I am a retaker, took the exam in 2009. Started since last weekend, only finish 3 readings in Fixed Income. It is really wooried.

Working full-time. Have just finished quants, FRA and now half way through equity. It is really a pain to juggle work, studies, family and girlfriend all at the same time.

study status as of today Jan 18th-- I hate my life lol

Working full-time. Just finished FI after AI, Equities, CF, and FRA. Got Derivs, PM, QM, and Econ remaining. Ethics I read in bed a little bit every night and will not devote a full week to that until the middle of the spring.

Work full time, but hate sharing progress since it doesn’t count for much. All comes down to to our performance on D-Day.

Working full-time, father of 2-year old twins.

Haven’t started yet but will get into it the first day of Feb, currently finishing off the last exam for the PRM designation.

Good luck everyone.

Finished the material and onto Mock Exams - I’m doing about 2 per day from now until June plus 3 hours of video review.

No but seriously I haven’t even registered yet - we just got our results from level I this morning!

I’ll be back on this forum when I’m done the material in about 4 months time. Good luck everyone!

Really have to get my had down and start studies seriously 2-3 days after celebrating L1 sucess.

All are saying L2 in bloody lethal to get past

Haven’t started yet. About to register for Level II.

Some of you guys must have started crazy early. I’d probably forget it all untill summer.

Working full time. Had gone thru Ethics/FRA/Eco/Corp/Port , going thru Equity only reading no problem solving.

But I feel its more of the problem solving that matters based on level 1 experience and the closer the D-Day comes more intense should be the preparation.

Done with QM, ECON (phew), FRA and CF

Halfway through Volume 5. have Volume 6 and 1 left before I start reviewing.

hey guys,

well to make you feel better, i just got my results for level 1, so i just started reading today, rather looking at the material.

What are the most important topics in L2 in terms of number of questions? FRA, only 12 questions? Stupid question but i don’t have my curriculum yet, so am kinda lost