studying at work?

Wondering if anyone is able to get some studying done at work? How are you doing this? I have some opportunities but obviously can’t bust out the CFAI book and start reading.

I had photocopied pages from the curriculum, and read those while at work. It’s hard to get away with a full CFA book, but 20 pages photocopied looks just fine.

Too lazy. I study at home and that’s it. has a whole studyguide for each level

the photocopy is not a bad idea, but you would need to constantly make copies… the investopedia idea sounds cool - I only see a study guide for level 1 though? Are you able to find level 2?

cant actually seem to find it myself…can only get level 1 as well

Ebooks and QBank are the most discrete ways to study at work. RE: difficulties of photocopying, it’s easier to just take the textbooks to a printing store and have them rip off the spine. Then, you can take just the relevant pages to work in a binder. Apparently, this method is popular among law students who have very heavy text books.

^ hey that’s not bad. ripping off the spine. how much would they charge for that I wonder?

the CFAI books are not hardcovers…

I study a lot at work. I use the pdf version of study notes and either read them on my monitor while making it look like I’m readsing something else, or print them off. 2 monitors does help confuse the rubber-necker though.

where do you get the pdfs?

I used analyst notes at work. Nobody could tell that I was actually studying. The notes were pretty good for L1, but don’t look as great for L2…

I use analyst notes at work as well, they’re pretty good :slight_smile:

I have Elan Guides and they send in pdf.

That’s why Ebooks are a life saver.

al21k what are you doing? I have so much work to do it is impossible to have time to study.

Me too. Too much work. I do however have a pdf of the Ethics chapter (albeit for Level I) sitting on my smartphone. I have also started to listen to an old copy of the mp3 from Schweser, that guy reading aloud from the Ethics study notes…

Elan Guides for Level 2???

How about just scanning the book to pdf document and reading the soft copy off your PC at work? I think that is better option. You would not have to separate the pages from the book but just scan and resize pages to suit your viewership and read off the PC as you work.

Guys, I have already purchased and read through the hard copy books and but I am interested in purchasing the eBook to review concepts during the “downtime” in work. However, my corporate laptop does not allow me to install any software and I as far as I know the Vitalsource is heavy and akward to see it online… I would like to know whether I would be able to convert the eBook to pdf (maybe through a pdf printer?) so that I can transfer it to my business laptop… Thanks!