Successful Retabulation

Hey everyone, failed with a band 10. I am thinking of retabulation. I don’t think I got lower than 50 at the last part of AM specially economics. Half of my head says retabulate then the other half says just take the exam next year. Saw a result worst than mine. I have a feeling that the last part of my essay wasnt tabulated well

As per my opinion your results in the PM session are even better that those of the many who passed. Yor average score in the PM is 72.20%. In regards to the AM your score is about 42.03% making the overall score of 57.12%. Considering MPS of 59% and the minumim score of 40% make the widht of the band 1.9%. Following this line of reasoning you should have failed with a band 9 in which case you need to earn 7 more points but in your case you are in band 10 which will make the need for extra points even less that these 7 poinrs, probably 3-4 points. In this case if you believe that you mught not put some clear and filled ovals which the scaning device did not have the chance to read correctly YOU SHOULD GO FOR A RETABULATION. 3 points from 180 points are about 2% which makes the process wothwile and I hope that this will prove a profitable strategy for you!

I’ve only heard of 1 successful retabulation before and that was when a person was expecting great marks but achieved a band 1 with everything below 50%. If you feel that spending $100 will give you peace of mind and closure, then go for it. However, there’s probably an incredibly marginal chance that your score will actually change.

Your profile says CFA Passed Level III. Did you manage to pass in the end ?!? (If so, congrats !!)


Sorry for that! Anyway, i dont think analyzing someones score thru the MPS is irellevant since retabulation will not recheck your paper. What I’m thinking is the possibility that they have overlooked to tabulate some of my points in the test.

If you honestly think they didn’t add your points up correctly then I say go for the retab. Let us know the outcome.

Yes, lots of band 10ers go for the retab. it hasn’t worked so far, as a retab is not a “regrade.” You are counting on the fact that the triple-check process of CFAI for adding up points (and it is a rigorous checking and rechecking process) somehow failed in your particular instance. Impossible and unlikely. But $100 is a nice lunch in New York, so go ahead, and it can only make you feel you did everything you could. Nice marks in the PM, by the way.

is it true that they have triple check? if it does why they will offer a retab in the first place? i dont get CFAI point, cant say that they are after profit…

not worth it.

i failed band 9 last yr, was shocked. paid $100 for a retab. got an email 2 days later saying everything was checked and is accurate. (somehow it takes a billion weeks to grade my exam, but only 2 days to pull my actual exam, have a competent individual review every part of my exam, and formulate a reply to my paid request)

save your money.

They don’t actually “review every part of your exam” as I understand it but rather re-adding your scores to make sure the total is right.

I wonder what their retab revenues are each year.

As far as CFAI ethics and full disclosure is concerned, I do believe that CFAI should disclose, for each level, what percent of reran requests result is changes to the original score. I don’t see the harm in that to anyone. The only reason NOT to do so is to eliminate a source of revenue from the desperate. If CFAI discloses this information and a candidate still requests a retab , fine. I do find that we are at an ethical borderline where CFAI has inside information about retab rates and this information may be used to prey on the desperate to extract income

My results came with a score band of 6 which was a result of a complete failure of the AM and a good score on the PM (72% based on 40/60/80 rule). This basically mean that I got close to zero pints on the AM part. I expressed my concerns to CFAI and go the below response:

Dear …,

We appreciate you contacting us about your results. We take pride in our grading systems and have significant quality assurance processes. We would not publish results in which we are not confident. However, you do have the option to submit a retabulation form. To access complete information about the retabulation process, please visit

For the essay portion, a CFA Institute staff member will pull your exam book and verify the identification number you wrote on your book. CFA Institute staff will look through the book page by page to make sure that every answer has been found and graded. They will also confirm that the scores were correctly transferred to the scoring sheet at the back of the book, that they were correctly added, and that the true score sum was reflected in the CFA Institute database.

I hope this is helpful. If you need further assistance, please respond to this email or call us at +1 (434) 951-5499. Toll free numbers can be found on our contact us page.

Best regards,

I also spoke with a customer service rep. and tried to explain the situation, but I was quickly shut down and told that she would not discuss any details concerning the grading and suggested to do a re-tabulation. I told her that it was a waste of money and asked if somebody’s results were ever changed after a re-tabulation. Her answer was that no re-tabulation that was submitted through her resulted in a reversal.

Now, if you ask me, I would not go with a re-tabulation if my score was 9-10, because CFAI really pays attention to the candidate who are close to passing. According to a former grader, if you get a borderline fail and you did well on Ethics, they may pass you and that if you score 10 it does not mean that you were just one question away from passing, he claimed that there was a big gap between band 10 and pass scores.

Not worth it… unless if you want to spend $100… you failed AM miserably with 60% of questions below < 50% and no question above 70%…However your overall 40/60/80 score is 59.9% which seems interesting, you were in borderline and Ethics were between 50-70% i guess it didn’t help too. Guess the MPS was 61% this year since the PM session was easy…

Save your $$$

I did it last year for a Band 9 result. Obviously no dice. I wouldn’t do it unless you were Band 1 or 2 and were well prepared for the exam.

Agree. My colleague was in the same boat as you years ago. Howver, he spent the cash and ended up with the same end result. He hasn’t sat for the test since then

hey rogue trader, i am not after the rechecking, i am after the possibility that there are some parts on the AM that they missed. im not after the reversal just because of the wrong computation they did.