Suicide via text

Damn. Guilty.

Probably a bad idea to figuratively push someone over the edge, unless you’re Dr. Kevorkian.

Huh, but this is a very weird precedent now. So, if I yell at someone “you piece of dick, go dieee!!”, and then they kill themself, I just did a murder?

get your bets in:

30days jailtime and 2 years probation. 120 hrs of community service.

Ohai, probably not going to set a precedent since it was a non-jury trial and single court.

It will be appealed though, and the ruling of the appellate court will be precedent for that jurisdiction. Given the groundbreaking nature of the ruling, I suspect this case will find its way to SCOTUS. I don’t think the fact that the defendant waiver her right to a jury matters.

Full transcript of the texts here. Its really sadistic. This girl is seriously messed up.

I haven’t followed this at all, but I caught a few minutes on the television in a lobby I was in. Isn’t the fact that she he was committing the act and did nothing to stop it enough to convict? To me it is. If I recall, she was either texting or talking to him as it was occuring.

i’ve read the texts. yes she is sick. but imo, she doesnt deserve to be punished, at least legally. all she did was encourage the act. whats everyone think?

Yeah, this is a tough one, imo… so if someone convinces me to rob a store and I go do it… are they at fault too? I’d have to think more about it before I had any strong opinions either way.

God damn kids are shitty

How the dick is this manslaughter? Should we jail Eminem because someone who listened to his songs punches someone in the face?

Blame Massachusetts

eminem d12 played in spotify playlist randomly. pimp like me

She deserves everything that comes her way. He clearly didn’t want to kill himself, but she convinced him to do it.

That is wayyyyyyy more messed up than I thought it would be. I thought originally it was just like a one liner like ‘eat shit and die’ kind of thing, but she hand holds him to death. wtfffffffffffff

Yeah it’s twisted. Telling him not to puss out and to go through with it. Texting him day and night telling him to kill himself and end his suffering meanwhile saying she loves him. Totally screwed with the kid’s head.

The girl is a piece of dick, no doubt. But if we went around jailing on teenagers who say stupid crap, they would all be in jail…

according to wikipedia “every state had laws declaring it to be a felony to aid, advise or encourage another person to commit suicide”. i don’t know the intricacies of us suicide laws but repetitively encouraging someone, most likely with mental health issues, to kill oneself for weeks seems like something we would want to prevent by law. its kind of like the ultimate anti-bullying law. at what point do we pass blame from someone who lacks mental capacity to make life or death decisions to someone who has mental capacity and not only does nothing to help but goes so far as to repeatedly tell the person without mental capacity to kill oneself. it is not murder but it is not favourable for society to condone such behaviour.

to speak to ohai’s point, in order for there to be a charge, i think the encouragement must be repetitive, over a long period of time and by someone who is close to the victim. i think whenever a girlfriend/spouse or family member repetitively encourages someone to do this, and it is documented, we are kind of forced to charge them with something.

also, a family member encouraging you to steal something and offering options for how to steal something and locations to steal from will almost always be charged with being an accessory if there is ample evidence. same goes for murder and almost every other crime. when it comes to suicide if anyone else is involved, the lines between murder and suicide get a little blurry. we are compassionate towards those who end up killing themselves and there are no means for punishment anyways. but if there is an accessory to the suicide, someone truly culpable, we start to look at suicide through the lens of murder a little bit.

So like your saying that is different than some teenager on Xbox yelling at me to kill myself because I’m a noob? Cause i’d really like to find that cocksucker and kick him in the nuts.