Super Bowl XLVIII discussion

Broncos and Seahawks

Sunday, February 2, at 6:25 p.m. Eastern

Giants Stadium, East Rutherford, NJ

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I’m rooting for Peyton. The best QB in NFL history deserves at least one more ring before he retires.

^ This is why I can’t root for the Broncos, b/c everyone is in love with Peyton. “best QB in NFL history”, really?? One ring, end of discussion. If you want to say “best regular season QB”, maybe…

I’m rooting against Pete Carroll, slimyest (sp?) coach in football history.

There’s no “maybe” about that. He is the best 16-week quarterback in the history of the NFL. Period. End of discussion.

His less-than-stellar playoff record is what casts a pall on his “best-ever” nomination.

The idea of measuring QB’s by the number of SB rings they have is absurd to me. Is Trent Dilfer a better QB than Jim Kelly or Fran Tarkenton because he has a ring and they don’t? Is Eli Manning better than Favre and Warner because he has more rings than each of them? I also never seem to hear anyone argue that Terry Bradshaw is tied with Joe Montana as the best QB ever, yet he has 4 just like Joe.


Quarterbacks who never won a SB - Dan Marino, Dan Fouts, Jim Kelly, Warren Moon, Fran Tarkenton

Quarterbacks who DID win a SB - Trent Dilfer, Brad Johnson, Jeff Hostetler, Doug Williams, Jim McMahon

Is Peyton the second QB in history to make the SB with 2 different teams? (Kurt Warner being the first)

^^^ Yea the announcers were talking about that during the game - I thought they said he’d be the first starting QB to do so. Was Warner not always the designated starter? They were also talking about how Eli played a SB in Indy so it’s only fitting big brother plays one at Giants Stadium. It’s ridiculous how good the Manning family is at football.

Greenman - Marino is awesome, it bothers me that people are so quick to dismiss him just because he’s never won one. He was putting up video game numbers before they even had video games (I don’t think Atari counts).

…who are you guys picking for the game? I’m going with the Broncos - I think they’ll win and would like to see Manning win another.

I’m *rooting for* the Broncos.

Im *picking* the Broncos too.

Rooting for Broncos

Reason: Richard Sherman

The only reason I’d root for the Donks is if Peyton would retire if they won. But he won’t so screw them. I hope Peyton has an epic meltdown*.

*Still think he’s the greatest of all time. Just hate Denver.

Just because of Sherman, I’m considering the unthinkable and root for Peyton “eight 1-and-done in the playoffs” Manning.

I’m rooting for the Hawks… because of Sherman… and because they are the better team.

Don’t have a huge affinity for either team, but just want to see a really good game and an entertaining one. My money would be on the Broncos.

That said, the spread on the game is supposed to be Broncos -2. These things do move around, but that would be the lowest spread since SF vs. Cincinnati in 1982.

The line started at Denver +2 and now it’s at Denver -2.5. That’s a huge move. I predict Denver -1 at kickoff.

I knew you would come around. You’re just 15 years late.

Yes, Warner was the starting QB both times. Maybe they meant the first to win with 2 different teams.

Spread is Broncos -3 now as of today.

I’m in for Seahawks

Well done