Suppose you're about to be executed.. what will you pick for your last meal?

Deep dish pizza stuffed with loads of bacon

That stuff’ll kill you and clog yer ateries! :wink:

All you can eat buffet. It doesn’t really matter what kind, but probably Chinese so that I could just keep eating.

Speaking of executions, Texas gov has released the last statements of all criminals they have executed since 1982.

Unfortunately they banned the last meal rights in 2011

Preferrably one of those birthday cakes with the chisel and pick inside of it.

That Hernandez guy said “Go Cowboys!” in his last statement.

Half of those statements contain “y’all”. I guess people must say that a lot in Texas.

It would depend on where I’m being executed:

Near Philly - Tony Luke’s cheesesteak and cheese fries.

NYC - Thin crust pizza from John’s on Bleecker

Chicago - Deep dish pizza with sausage from Lou Malnati’s

Texas - BBQ sampler from The County Line

They can’t make cheesesteaks or pizza worth a damn in the rest of the country, so I’d have to go with medium rare filet mignon with a side of au gratin potatos and pan cooked scallops.

They do and I think the rest of the country should adopt “y’all”.

all of ya’ll think so?

Dude, I agree and it irritates me to no end. I lived in Philly for about 2-3 years and the cheese steaks are amazing. No matter where I go, people are always telling me, “Oh, well you gotta try XYZ cheese steak then, it’s great, I think the owner’s from Philly too!” and they’re always garbage and it ends up depressing me. Nowadays I just decline and tell them I’ve been through it a hundred times and everybody says the same sales pitch. But non-Philly cheese steaks are garbage. BTW, I’m a Sonny’s Famous Steaks guy. Hot wit wiz.

I used to like Jim’s and Tony Lukes, but now I really think Chinks is the best. Also, it has a pseudo-offensive name, which is great in this era of political correctness.

Y’all is said a lot down thar.

Interestingly, “Y’all” is short for “you all,” which in some places is still used to distinguish you/singular from you/plural. First and third person pronouns still have different forms in singular and plural, but you doesnt’ anymore, so some places stick with the compound form, the US South being the primary example.

English used to have the words “Ye” and “Thou” (which still show up occasionally). Thou was singular for you/singular and “Ye” was you/plural. Like French and Spanish, you could use “Ye” as a formal form of “you”, the way French still uses “vous”, and Spanish would use “vosotros” (though only in very formal contexts, like addressing a diplomat in public; usted (“vuestra merced”/“your mercy”) is used for slightly less formal situations ).

As I wrote this, I looked up the etymology of “you” and learned something new, which was that “you” is the accusative (direct object) and dative (indirect object) form of ‘ye’. So rather than “you” being the result of a decision to refer to everybody informally, what happened is that “you” was because we started referring to everybody formally.

How very British. :slight_smile:

Jim’s is also very good and doesn’t get the respect it deserves IMO. Have not had Sonny’s or Chinks. Geno’s and Pat’s are not worth the wait.

Three rib-eyes and worchestershire sauce. Hopefully the worchestershire will get mixed in with the embalming fluid and I can come back as a zombie.

Chicken McBites from MCD.

A fat aged rib-eye or a large plate of thickly sliced sashimi. If we’re talking under $5, filet-o-fish from MCD.

I’m not sure I would even have an appetite… you know, being as I was about to be killed and everything.

The biggest, thickest rib-eye they can find, with a nice stack of alaska king crab legs, garlic mashed potatoes, a couple shrimp skewers… maybe start with a couple sushi cones with that shrimp tempura in it, and finish with some kind of cheesecake or something. Double portions all around so that I want nothing more than death after.

Golden Happiness Cheesy Crown pizza.