Suppose you're about to be executed.. what will you pick for your last meal?

Probably a double chili Tommy Burger and In n Out double-double animal-style for dessert. And I’d wash it down with several stoli dolis.

Was this someone’s intervew question?

Yeah, I’d go with four pounds of rib-eye steaks and a bucket of chocolate ice cream.



Something my mom would’ve made me.

I would go for a teleportation device or something I could use to take someone hostage like a porterhouse. Shawshank that shit.

Chili with lots of beans and hot peppers - give myself a 21-gun salute as I depart this worldly realm…

^ lol

I don’t know about you guys, but I don’t want the last image of me to be losing bowel control on a metal table wearing a hospital robe…

Coconut Pancakes, harshbrowns, Bacon, and a bowl of bun bo hue.

Mcgriddles hands down. they’re just so delicious

Some kind of steak. Maybe from Bob’s

So basically people about to be executed either thank their family /friends, pray, or say bring it on, b!tches! A few of them claim they’re innocent. It has to suck to be fried if you’re innocent. The ones who are innocent should ask for two bags of microwave popcorn and swallow them, and when they are on the electric chair the pops in the stomach of the innocent man dying will be recorded on the audience’s mind forever. No one will go to the movies in peace again.

It’s like you combined Real Genius and Saw.

Aragawa in Tokyo; one of the most expensive restaurants in the world. Serves kobe beef.

Whataburger. Double-meat, double-cheese burger - mayo, no pickle. Fries and a Coke.

Either that, or a chicken-fried steak with mashed potates and rolls.

king crab legs with glorified butter.

Do you think people actually eat their last meal? I would think your stomach would be turning like washing machine knowing that it’s go-time soon.

Yeah I don’t think I could eat anything.

i mean if there was ever a time to yolo.