I don’t know what it is lately but my underarms have been sweating a lot. By lunch my dress shirts have wet spots and I even started wearing an undershirt to keep from ruining my shirts! Any AFers deal with this on a daily basis that can provide a few tips and tricks? I don’t want to be the sweat hog at the office.

Use deodorant/antiperspirant.

do you have anxiety problems - or fan/AC problems? or could be sweat disorder


elevator broken - use stairs? has this happened to you in past week …

Puberty sucks, man. (Jk)

Undershirts help a lot. I really like the micro modal shirts because they are long torso size. The Calvin Klein ones are kind of expensive per shirt, but they hold up well. David Archy shirts are cheaper and seem to be almost as good.

Do you have Northern European genes? I can sweat a lot and it’s probably due to my Viking roots. My dad sweat a lot too,

^Nope, I was born in Mexico City. I have been under a lot of work stress lately so maybe my anxiety levels might be playing a role in the sweatiness. I just hate ruining my shirts. I’m going to try changing up my deodorant and do some calming exercises.

Have you considered upgrading to the cooler and more efficient short sleeve dress shirt?

Fellow sweater checking in. Check out the Thompson tee. Basically a t-shirt with built in diapers at the armpits, total game changer.

Try Gillette Clinical Advanced Anti-Perspirant.

i was going heavy on the antiperspirant back in the day then developed allergy to it

now i use all natural green tidings. its ok with sweating but smells great and no rash!

$25 a pop? Ouch.

I used to sweat a lot – it was due to an overactive thyroid.

you fools sweat in the winter time? WTF is wrong with you. I sweat a hot mess in the summertime and have to wash my back constantly or else I can get that nasty bacne and no bishes wanna be rubbing on that.

You can do surgery and take out your sweat glands, I know some people with this problem and bad BO that did this.

I used to sweat through my shirts a ton, started wearing certain dri at night and that did a great job of stopping the sweating (make sure you use antiperspirant at night otherwise your shirts will stain yellow in the arm pits)

After using that a while I am not positive what happened but I dont sweat as much as I used to and no longer wear it much. Still sweat through my shirts a bit if im running around on a busy day but not nearly as bad as it once was


I recommend a large gym towel tucked into your back pocket, preferably emblazoned with your high school football team logo. During serious business meetings, you whip that sucker out and give your whole head and brow a furious wipe down, then say “Excuse me”, while you unbutton a few buttons on your shirt and jam that towel directly into your pits to mop up the excess. Rebutton your shirt, and say “Now where were we…” as if nothing is out of the ordinary. Own it. Confidence is everything.

I know a guy at work who does the face part of it… For a second I thought we might have been at the same meeting.

Damn, you got me krnyc. As discussed at the meeting, please have that $25m check made out to “Marcus Halberstam, CFA.” Thanks. See you tomorrow.