Yesterday I did a somewhat sh!tty job on Sample 2… I rushed through some stuff, got 3/6 on ethics… basically it REALLY pissed me off and made me feel like total sh!t all day… So I decided to take Sample 3 tonight with the intent of really paying attention to the wording etc, to gain back some confidence… After getting one ethics question wrong, I proceeded to ace every remaining question: 97%!!! Suck it CFAI! I’m coming fo yo ass BEotch!

Nice McLeod!

holy balls. that’s the highest score i’ve ever seen.

I fear you Mcleod

You go girl… Never seen that before either. My money is on McLeod to possibly pull off the elusive > 70% on all sections at L3. It’s a bitch of a nut to crack.

McLeod81, CFA

You are not human McLeod ^btw I didn’t know McLeod was a chick

Thanks all. I woke my family up with my war cry after finishing that sucker. BTW, definitely not a chic…

Nice work McLeod—shooting for 80 on the same exam Thursday. i got 3/6 on ethics on the second as well. it was a son of a…

Don’t get too cocky. Yhea right. You are the Level III Champion.

dude. come on. a 97!? i quit. i’m done. that really is the highest score i’ve ever seen… then again, i expected you to hit 90 when you told me you were saving these for last.

No seriously, how did you get that good?

I should have wrote “What, could not get 100%? pvssy.”

JustPass Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > No seriously, how did you get that good? I don’t know man, stuff just kept clicking… It felt damn good, much better focus tonight after being pissed about Sample 2 all day. I got hung up on a couple of questions currency hedging questions, but figured them out. A couple of times I had to fight the urge to take the closest answer, and instead took another look at the problem / recalc / got the exact correct answer.

you were all pissed about that 85 on sample 2, weren’t you?

I was feeling good about an 85 on the mock, pissed about a 73 on sample 2…

damn…good job mcleod…! you deserve to pass on saturday…I don’t even think you need a good luck from us! go show them !

Holy F*CK

I know what you mean about paying attention to the wording. One word makes all the difference. Subtle things like “the payoff on the options is closest to”, as opposed to “the profit on the options is closest to”… That one got me on Mock Q52 - deducted the premium when they were only asking for the payoff (before premium). Way to give it to CFAI in the teeth. Just don’t score too high on Sat…keep that curve nice and low!

You cannae die, McLeod