Anyone taking the exam in Tampa? More importantly, who’s up for drinks in Ybor City after the exam???

I’m taking the test in Tampa.

I live in tampa and am taking it there. Ybor city is fun but south tampa is better.

I went to USF but live in Chicago. Where is the exam site in Tampa?

JRado, gdiddy, Danhoop21, All the best for your exams !! I am staying in Tampa. But I will be taking test in December in Miami. Would like to celebrate in Ybor though…

I will be taking it in Tampa but will be driving back to Orlando for drinks afterwards…If anyone is interested in meeting up, let me know!

Anyone know the parking situation around Higgins Hall? Any good places to eat lunch nearby?

I think I may do my dry run to the site tomorrow. Will pass along info if I do. I plan on bringing a lunch.

It’s not too far from Dale Mabry, and there should be a lot of eateries along the highway. I’m bringing some light snacks. I can’t handle a meal when I’m all jittery.

There will definitely be plenty of fast food in the area, but I forget if there are any respectable restaurants around there other than the Hooters on Hillsborough. :slight_smile:

I drove by today…seems to be a decent amount of parking…its off of Himes, North of the Stadium on the right hand side (if heading North) I hear Mons has a good lunch buffett…

Does everyone have room C on their ticket, or are we split up?

I’m in room C too… my guess is that we’re all going to be in the big auditorium, although from their floorplan it looks like they can split up the main room into three smaller rooms… The “Micheal” room, “Raphael” room, and “Gabriel” room. LOL! I still think it’s hilarious that we’re taking this thing in a Catholic Church Floorplan is here: http://www.stlawrence.org/higginshall/floorplans.htm

Nice work gator, as a UF alum I would be even more impressed if you could get me some blueprints with the air shafts so I can start work on a cunning A-team cheating plan. When you see lightening striking, it will be me entering the church. When you hear cursing it will be me leaving.

The Google sat view does not line up perfectly with the layout on the website, but it looks like it will be the really big building in the back - technology can be so helpful. :slight_smile: http://maps.google.com/maps?f=q&hl=en&geocode=&q=5221+N.+Himes+Ave,+Tampa,+FL+33614&sll=27.992626,-82.501006&sspn=0.007153,0.009978&ie=UTF8&om=1&ll=27.993511,-82.49964&spn=0.002141,0.004056&t=k&z=19

Room B on my ticket.

gdiddy, can I ask you some questions offline? My email is marlin02910 # gmail Thanks

Yeah. In fact, I recognize that e-mail address because I’m on the same list as the study group.

Taking Level I…I got room A on my ticket… Wonder how many people are taking the test at this location?

Just checked out the site. Nice looking place. No rooms labelled a,b,c but I have to assume there are breaking us into the 3 big rooms as shown on gator’s link. There was something going on there, so I did not peek in any of the rooms. Gold plated drinking fountains! Says 800 capacity with classroom setup across all 3 rooms… What time is everyone planning on getting there?