Team AF

There are some self-identified savages on this forum so let’s unite and take home the gold.

Your team competes in The D10’s 10 events which are (in order): 400m run, Football throw, Pull-ups, 40yd dash, Dips, 500m row, Vertical jump, 20yd shuttle sprint, Bench Press, 800m run.

Which event would you pick?

lol 39 pull ups is the best they can do? I could already crush a few of these events.

i got dips

I registered for a July mud run the other day. That’s enough for me.

idk man - my strength is really in my lower body so i’d probably defer to whats necessary. i havent timed myself in a while but im guessing i’d be around 55 secs for the 400, no idea about the football throw, maybe 20 pulls if im lucky, i should be around a 4.6/4.7 for the 40, i should be able to get >30 dips, 500m row/vertical jump/20yrd shuttle no idea, i should be able to get 30+ reps on bench, im not running 800m haha.

Im not a fan of this arrangement though. i’d like to see a deadlift event, maybe some grappling or 1 on 1 bball, some atlas stones, farmers carry etc.

Did you mean “di_ b _s”, or are you betraying some medical condition?

not certain if this is sarcasm but if you can beat 39 pulls, you’re in.

hes taking dibs on dips

count me in for a 2:25 800 smiley yes

39 deadhang or 39 kipping (fake pull-ups)?

not one bit. There was a time I could do 60. I can do 15 legit with a 45 plate strapped to me and zero kipping. I’ll give it a go at the gym tomorrow and check in with my current ability but If I was seriously training I would crush it.

what is the rep weight for bench? Some guy got 47 reps, that cant be 225.

I used to the run the 800 in winter track because there was no discus or javelin and the coach didn’t want me just screwing around for most of the meet. He figured I would get smoked so bad in the shorter races that it would be embarrassing and I would drop dead in 1,600 or 3,200. I hated it.

This is supposed to be the average male in the event:

Dips: 31

Pull Ups: 14

Throw: 42y

Bench: 14

Jump: 22

500m Row: 1:30.3

20y Shuttle: 4.79

40y Dash: 5.08

400m Run: 1:00.4

800m Run: 2.43.2

It seems like some things are seriously out of whack. Like, everyone just dies on the 800m? Doesn’t makes sense compared to 400m, but I guess people could just not be conditioned. 500m row you need somebody tall (or at least long legs).

From my experience if you force people to really deadhang (1 second arms locked) the # drops quickly.

come on man, 60… I truly believe there are some phenoms on this forum but thats impossible.

Stallion – 175 (odd weight to choose)

Sorry, this guy is actually an AF member. He can do 232. May need to adjust that down for a harder standard, though.


watch the video. I consider what those guys were doing kipping and theirs counted. sticking with my statement, I could at least do as good if not better than the guy who got #1 on that event with minimal preparation. Those guys were doing multiple events though so I give them that. A 175 lb guy like myself has an advantage over a 200+ lb guy on a pull up event because even though he might be stronger, he is pulling a lot more weight.

The grip matters as well. I can do far more pullups with reverse close grip where I am using more of my biceps vs wider grip where you are using more of your back and shoulders.